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Nobody understood her. Her parents thought she wanted attention. How could she, at five years old, need any more attention than she already got? There was something under her bed. She was sure of that. She was also named Jeanette Clark, but she preferred to be called Devon. And she was also scared stiff in her bed.

Little Devon lay as still as her paper dolls that she never played with. She was a bit of a tomboy, always rowdy, and the most courageous of her circle of friends, but even she was filled with a horror so great it could have covered all her walls with its tremendous shadow. She could see the dark silhouette clearly against her white walls.

"I really hate that dumb nightlight right now…" Devon thought.

She watched as it slowly snaked its way towards her. Finally, when it was within a few inches of her skin, she reacted.

"MOMMY!" Devon screamed, as loud as she could. "MOMMY! DADDY!" Still she heard no response as the shadow leaned close. She tried again, even louder. "MOMMY! DADDY! MIKEY!" She screamed herself hoarse. Finally she heard loud footsteps marching down the hallway.

"They're almost here." She thought. "Please, just a moment longer…"

The door swung wide open, slamming against the wall the previously held the shape of the creature she was sure was about to eat her. There were a few small dents there that looked suspiciously like scratch marks.

"Sweetie! Devon are you okay!" Her mother screamed as she ran into her room first.

"Sweetie! Devon, are you okay!" Even late at night, she took meticulous care to make sure she would look perfect in any situation. She invested a lot of time in maintaining her appearance.

"I'm okay now mommy" Devon said, in a voice that was similar to one she used too praise the dog. "There was a monster under my bed." She watched as her father came strolling in casually as if he were walking to a park, not rushing to his daughter's aid. Soon after him came Mikey, peeking his head through the doorway, clutching on to keep his balance. She could hear him sniggering, and she began to scowl.

"Dummy. Don't you know there aren't such things as monsters?" Mikey said with the utmost rudeness of an immature sibling. He liked to believe he had authority over her, as he was almost twice her age at nine, and it showed in the way he spoke to her.

"Your just mean! You weren't here! You didn't see it come here and try to eat me!" Devon protested rather loudly.

"Both of you shut up. There aren't monsters in this house, or shouting. I have work tomorrow so go to sleep." Devon's father rebuked.

"Your father is right. Now go to sleep." Devon's mother said, trying to keep some semblance of peace.

"But you didn't even check under my bed!" Devon objected, ignoring her parents.

"Shut up you little-" Her father started but was cut off by her mother trying to calm him down.

"Honey please. Just let her be." Their mother walked towards Devon to peck her on the forehead. She tucked her covers under her chin and said "Good night sweetie. Please don't wake us up again unless you really have to."

"Good night mommy." Devon said, reaching her arms up to hug her mother.

"She never actually does anything to stop him." Devon thought. "All she ever does is stand by and watch him. She's just a Barbie, she stands there and watches just 'cause she's too scared to try and stop him."

They all walked away to leave Devon alone in the dark, Mikey lingering to stick his tongue out at her. Devon stuck her tongue back out at him.

She jumped out of bed to turn the light back on, just in case there really was a monster hiding under her bed, and stopped moving when she felt something wrap around her ankle. It felt warm, and soft, like a hand grabbing her. She froze. She felt like Mikey had just dropped an ice cube down the back of her shirt. It was quickly replaced by a burning when she came to the realization that this wasn't a person grabbing her. The light switch was within her reach, but she was frozen again.

"Why are you running away from us? Why?" She heard a voice cooing. The voice could've been the Sirens themselves begging her to stay.

"Please, please just move a little more. Please arm, just do this for me" She thought.

She shot out her arm and flipped the light switch just as she felt the thing inch up her leg. She ran out into the hall way and jumped into her parents bed.

"What do you think you're doing?" She heard her after the two shapes began to stir.

"The monster tried to hurt me again!" Devon said animatedly as if she were a teen gossiping about the latest news, not a child crying for her parents. She noted that her mother was pretending to be asleep, with her eye mask still over her eyes.

She watched with the horror steadily growing on her face as her father reached out to hit her. She was used to this, and easily maneuvered herself away and sprinted back into her room. It was either her father the monster, or the monster under her bed.

She chose the monster under her bed. As she came into her room, she slammed her door shut and locked it. She struggled to barricade it with her heavy bookshelf filled with dictionaries. Her father expected her to already be reading classic literature, when she could only be at the top of her kindergarten class. It wasn't good enough for him.

The bookshelf proved itself incapable of moving without further assistance, so she tried her desk. It moved just as far.

"Omigosh this is too heavy!" She screamed.

She finally gave up and hid under her covers.

"We know you're there." It said. "We can see you cowering under your blankets. I'm not as stupid as your parents."

"They're not stupid!" Devon said, choosing a horrible time to argue her parents intelligence. "You are a fraidy cat! You came after me because I'm the littlest and easiest to eat! You're afraid that mommy and daddy and Mikey will kill you if they see you!"

"We're not afraid of anyone. This is what's most beneficial to us."

"Liar! Everyone's afraid of something!"

"I will just kill your family then, and prove it to you."

To her utter horror and fascination it crept out from under her bed and revealed itself. It looked exactly like her self, her small delicate features etched onto a body exactly like hers. The only difference was that this was a her she had never seen. It's skin was whiter than the printer paper daddy told her not to draw on, and everything else on it was the perfect contrasting shade to her. As it spoke she could see the teal tongue slithering out, and said;

"I am protecting us. You will see."

She was frozen again as it walked out the door. Then Devon remembered her father.

"Daddy! I completely forgot about him! Shouldn't he have come in by now?"

She walked out her door and looked down the hallway. Her father was frozen. He couldn't move, only gape in horror as his mouth tried to form words. She turned away as she heard splattering and a scream she recognized as her mother's voice. She didn't want to turn around and see her father's mutilated body and her mother's soon-to-be.


Devon whirled around to realize Mikey had woken up. And he saw the moster. He didn't seem to realize who this monster was, however, and ran screaming towards his mother.

"GET AWAY FROM MY MOM YOU JERK!" He shouted, completely enraged that someone was going to hurt his precious mother.

He screamed as the monster raked a hand across his chest, tearing it open. That was when Devon saw it. She saw the hand grow and form talons in the instant it made contact with her brother.

Her mother began sobbing at the sight of her son dead on the ground, and her husband breathing painstakingly. She shrieked when the huge paw swatted her aside by her head, and she was knocked against the wall, dead. There was a huge puddle of crimson growing ever larger around this scene in the hallway that seemed to shrink around Devon as she watched her opposite stagger towards her.

She heard sirens wailing as police cars drew nearer, the flashing lights coming through the windows. Why did the neighbors call the cops? They never called them when they heard their screams before…

"I told you we're not afraid of anyone, are we Devon? I am the manifestation of your hatred and instinct. I am you, Devon."