The pencil in her hand shifted, then paused, hovering over the piece of paper in her large, black three-ring binder. She looked up from her old-fashioned writing desk to her window, where the fall trees were in full bloom. The sun was shining, and leaves were falling gracefully to the ground, carried by the chilly air. The pale girl smiled, and turned back to her task at hand.

Lyrics flowed out, chords following, and knew she had something. Lily looked up in surprise, head snapping to the guitar in the corner. Standing up and crossing the room, she picked it up and threw the strap over her shoulder, strumming lightly, before placing the K-Po where she knew the key would be. She began strumming awkardly, singing out the tentative lyrics she had written.

"My God is good, my God is great, my God He'll come to save the day," She sang out, short, choppy blonde hair falling around her round face, eyes wide. She quickly stopped strumming, trying to revise her cheesy lyrics.

A knock was heard on her door. "Lillian?"

The fifteen-year-old turned to face the door, and opened it to reveal her tall, overly skinny mom. They look similar, but then again, no. Lillian was soft, shorter, and curvier than her mom. Her mother was a stick and extremely tall. People said she could be a model, but she was the assistant principal of the local elementary school.

"Yes, momma?" Lily grinned, showing off her large teeth. She just had a large mouth in general, something everyone made fun of her for, but she particularly liked her wide mouth.

"Why aren't you ready yet?" Her mother asked, looking at Lily's sweatpants and t-shirt in disapproval. "I thought you were going with us to the charity auction?" The pearls on her mom's neck were dangling dangerously, looking too large for her tiny frame.

"No, I decided against it," Lily frowned. "Why do I need to go anyway?"

"It looks good when you go to these things," her mom scowled.

"You shouldn't go to a charity auction because it looks good," Lily glared. "You should go because it's the right thing to do."

"Well, what would you know?" Her mother practically taunted. "You're just a child. Well, I'm bringing Jameson and Claire to the auction, all of their friends will be there. They'll enjoy it." Her dyed blonde hair and conservative attire made her look like Southern housewife, when in all reality, she couldn't cook a thing, and God forbid she clean something.

If there was anything Lily hated more in her life, it was being called a child. She wasn't one, not at all. Not when she had more sense than half of the student body in her large high school, or when she was closer to God than she had ever been, living for Him and showing it everyday. Lily sighed and slumped onto the unmade bed, her short hair falling across her pillow. Her mother simply sighed and left the room, leaving Lily with her thoughts.

"So, I heard that Jamie was going to the movies with Jared, but Jared's dating Tiffany! And so there was a major fallout and turns out Jamie is Jared's cousin!" Sara grinned, facing Lily. "And then Hunter punched someone yesterday in the gym because he said something bad about him! Can you believe it?"

Lily shook her head absentmindedly, looking around the crowded lunchroom for Trey. Trey Hummel was her longtime crush (and best guy friend) and she, Sara, and Trey were practically inseparable. She saw him wave at a round table not far off from where they were standing, and the two girls rushed over to where he was.

Trey's brown hair fell into his eyes, like every guy was wearing it today, and his blue eyes were laughing as the two girls sat down. "So, Sara, Lily, how are you two on this horrible Monday morning?"

Lily shrugged, her white cardigan standing out against her pale blue babydoll dress. Her mom always wondered why she didn't wear jeans like any normal girl, and Lily would simply respond that she wasn't a norma girl. The silver cross on a simple chain, elegant and non-flashy, was her only accessory besides her purse. "Momma almost made me go to the Methodist's charity auction yesteday. Daddy isn't back from his buisness trip yet. Same old, same old."

Sara grinned and brushed naturally bleach blonde curly hair out of her eyes and batted her big blues, the picture of a Southern belle. Secretly, Lily was jealous of how pretty she was, though she knew jealously was one of the seven deadly sins. Trey would date her in a heartbeat. "I sang a little, danced a little, flirted a little. Same old, same old."

The group laughed, and Lily felt her heart stop as Hunter Duncan and his cronies passed by, pretty much sending fear straight to her heart. He scared her to death. She just knew he was bad news, and he honestly scared her. He was complicated and irrational. Just...scary.

"Don't look now, but Dumb, Dumber, and Idiota are coming our way," Trey joked, pointing to three tall brunnette girls, all with perfectly straight hair and perfectly applied make-up. Too bad they didn't use their brains.

"Hello, Sara, Lily, Trey..." the one in the middle started up. "How are you three doing besides, you know, clouding up my air with desperation?" Her friends laughed.

"Tiffany, that was a really big word, maybe you should rest for a little while," Sara said snarkily, glaring daggers at the three girls in front of her.

Tiffany's eyes narrowed, her Coach purse dangling off of her stick arm. "Look, I don't care how many auditions you go to, Sara-" She said Sara like one would say 'herpes'. "-but we all know, since my daddy's on the school board, I'll get the part. And Trey, sorry about not making the basketball team. I guess Jared took your place. Hm. I'm sorry my boyfriend's so talented."

She turned to Lily, fire in her eyes. "Virgin Mary, please go take your little ass back to the nunnery. Some of us actually like to have fun and not stay home and read the Bible all day."

Fingering the silver cross, she held her tongue, looking down silently as the three girls walked away, laughing loudly. She felt her throat close up and tears well in her eyes. Trey looked to her concernedly.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," Lily tried to reassure, but it came out sounding choked. "I'm used to it."

"You shouldn't have to be used to it," Trey said angrily. "They mess with everyone, and us even more. I'm sick of it. They need to be put in their place."

Sara looked worriedly to Trey. "She's not going to be Maria in West Side Story, is she?"

Trey shook her head. "No, no she's not. Jared will be kicked off basketball team, if I have anything to do with it, and Lily..." He looked to her. "Well, I don't really know about you. I love basketball, Sara loves acting, and what do you love? I've known you for years and I don't know what you're good at."

Lily thought for a moment. "I don't think I'm particularly exceptionally good at anything."

"I've heard you sing in the shower," Sara smiled softly, for once her voice not projecting across the lunchroom. If there was anything that girl had, it was a stage voice. "You are an amazing soprano. Like, you could sing Maria's part. But you won't because it's mine."

Lily felt a little hurt, but brushed it off. No time to start having a pity party, she reminded herself. She hated crying. "Not really, I mean, I'm okay, I guess, but not really amazing..."

"We'll get Lily to join the glee club and sweep them all away!" Trey laughed, his tan skin gleaming underneath the flourescent lights. "It'll be a sophmore year to remember."

Lily agreed, and continued eating her lunch. One to remember indeed.