This story takes place in the summer before the characters' junior year of high school, so they're all roughly 16/17. I've combined the character descriptions and the intro since the intro was so short. I'll be posting the first chapter soon after this. I'm not making a description for all of the characters that I plan on having (like Nathan, and the little kids in the story), but you will learn about them when the story reaches them. Both the little brother and sister are in 1st grade. Sophie is based on me, but she's prettier and less shy.

Character Descriptions:

Sophie(Soph) : She is a tall brunette (very long dark brown hair; straight) with dark, deep brown eyes. (I think Jennifer Garner would work as a reference.) She's gorgeous but just can't seem to see herself as even pretty. She didn't have anything near the 'normal' childhood, so she's very guarded (shy) and let's very few people get to know her true self. If you're one of those lucky people, you'll find that she's smart and funny, she's sarcastic at times and has many senses of humor (dark, "normal", dry, etc.). She has a beautiful smile, and her eyes twinkle when she really means it. She has one best friend, Kayla, and an older brother, Nathan. Those are the only two people that truly know everything about her. She loves animals, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She has always wanted a golden retriever but could never afford to buy and raise one.

Kayla: She is a tall blonde (slightly curly; average length) with light blue eyes. (I was kind of thinking Cameron Diaz would work as a reference; just younger, of course.) She's popular and confident, and has a lot of friends. She has a younger brother, Austin, and her family has a lot of money. Even though she is popular, she is still a down-to-earth person and tries to help anyone in any way she can. She is beautiful in every way, and is very protective of her family and friends.

Andrew: He has short blonde hair and light blue eyes (I couldn't think of/find a reference for him; if you find any, let me know.) His family also has a lot of money. He has an older sister that's off at college. He's popular but nice even though he sometimes lets his ego go to his head. He's best friends with Matthew(Matt) and Jacob(Jake).

Jacob(Jake): He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. (Taylor Lautner! I was torn between soo many people, but when I first came up with this story I had him in mind, so I stuck to it.) His family has a lot of money, and he has an older brother that is off at college and a younger sister who he is very protective of. He's also popular and best friends with Andrew and Matthew (Matt). He has a girlfriend that is the head cheerleader at their school; he thinks he's in love with her and they've been going out for a little over a year. He is a down-to-earth person (his girlfriend? not so much. but he doesn't see that).

**Matt is a bit of a player =) …. I'm not going to make a description for him, but you will learn about him throughout the story. Also, the descriptions don't go into much detail, but you will learn more throughout the story.**


I wish I could go back a year in time and change the way I talked and laughed with him, change the way that I fell in love with him, with his smile. I wish he would see me the way I saw him; perfect, amazing, and just carefree and honest. I have so much to wish for and yet I know nothing will change, he will still see me for me, imperfect and awkward, and his feelings will never change. I regret ever telling him about how I felt, about how much I truly cared about him. If I could've just kept quiet we could've stayed friends and he never would have had to feel guilty for disappointing me. Anyways, my name is Sophie and I should probably explain to you who I'm talking about and why he's so amazing that I just had to go and fall in love with him. It all started a little over a year ago when my best friend and I went to this party…

My best friends' name is Kayla. She's gorgeous and popular while I'm just 'that chick that hangs around Kayla', but I'm okay with that. She has always been there for me no matter what; I've had a lot of drama in my life, but she was always right there by my side, supporting me. Andrew is a popular guy at our school, and Kayla has had a major crush on him since middle school. He and his friends are always together, and they always have girls by their side. I, for one, had a crush on his friend Jacob. He's got dark brown hair and gorgeous eyes to match, he's tan and muscled, and he's got a smile that would make a girl melt in his arms if it was meant for her. I have long brown hair, and really dark brown eyes. I have clear complexion and am of average weight. I'd consider myself fairly average looking; although, Kayla is always trying to convince me that I'm gorgeous, and I need to stop being hard on myself.

So, given all the facts, you're probably wondering why on earth I would even dare to have a crush on Jacob, and I would agree with you but the heart wants what the heart wants. I would never have tried to talk to Jacob except for the fact that Kayla would not let me 'give up on love', so she convinced me to go to a party at Andrews' house.

Also, the introduction is Sophie talking/thinking in the present, and the first few chapters will be flashbacks of how she met Jake and how they became friends.

Thanks for reading!