Silence will fall when the last gun is laid to rest,

Silence will wander in the poppy fields that grew where blood was shed.

The blood of heroes, who fought in the bravest hours on the darkest days,

All that remains of them are the tales from the comrades that were left behind,

Men who went into No Man's Land in a race against time, for Queen and for Country.

The men who came from such humble backgrounds, who fought so hard.

Now as the poppies grow where carnage thrived,

They blow in the wind with lost prayers from the men in the trenches.

I can't help thinking that we have lost sight of who we are.

Men have come and gone in the line of duty, lest we forget what they did for us.

Men who have fallen as heroes,

Men who are fighting as heroes,

Men who fought as heroes.

So today as I stood among others to offer two minutes silence,

I couldn't help but cry inside for them, pray for them and feel proud of them.

I wore my poppy which grew in fields of war for the sake of peace.

I wore it to remember them, to respect and pay homage to them.

While the field of poppies stood still in the wind, in silence.

I close my eyes, the sound of silence enclosing me in this numb feeling.

How did those brave men feel when they laid their weapons down in realisation?

How did they feel when they looked at the enemy in a different perspective?

Did they look around at the barren land filled with lifeless men and wonder if there was any point anymore when death surrounded them?

Did they weep for men, brothers, friends they had lost in a fight which even now seems so heart breaking?

Did they cry in stark realisation that they had survived such a horrible ordeal?

100 years ago we promised no more wars, the poppies grew as symbols of what should never be repeated.

Yet even now, men and women wake up to barren lands filled with threats. They go on fighting while we sit at home praying for them to return home safely.

So until the last weapon is laid down once more can a poppy grow in the fields of despair.

Every year at this time, tears are shed and hope is lost once more as we remember those caught up in the wars. How many more years will we have to go until the story of peace becomes a fact?

I kiss my poppy and know that every year I will stand beside people to mark this event with sorrowful pride at my, yours, our heroes no matter who they are or where they are.

Lest we forget what men and women have done and will do for Queen and for country.

Silence will fall when the clock marks the time,

Silence will fall at 11 minutes past 11 on 11/11/11.