Hope in one hand.

Tim was your normal everyday little 9 year old boy; however, most people wouldn't call him normal exactly. Tim was born with only one arm.

Tim's mom was a junior hockey couch, and every winter he enjoyed watching his mom's team play.

Every year he would sit on the side lines cheering them on, there wasn't one person on the team he didn't know, and who didn't know him. Jack was the teams' best player, and his best friend. When the team wasn't playing Jack was teaching Tim how to ice skate.

This year's game was going to be different from any other year; this year their team was playing for a goal.

The winning team got a grand prize of 10,000 dollars.

Tim was so excited, he had no doubt their team would be sure to win, as long as they had Jack there was just no way they could fail.

"The grand prize will be going to the disabled children of the new lake hospital." his mom explained.

The team began practicing everyday, Tim even went as far as to help his mom, using his skills Jack gave him with skating to encourage the team members.

They had one week left before the game, and the team was ready.

But suddenly Jack got very ill and wasn't able to play.

Knowing there team was at a disadvantage without Jack, Tim told his mom he wanted to join the team.

At first, as with any mother she was worried for his safety, but had faith in her son and agreed.

For the remaining week Tim worked hard, never giving up until, he two could work the hockey stick just like one with two arms could.

Finally the game day came and both teams were ready to play, both teams needing that money for a true reason, willing to do what ever it took to win.

As the whistle blow both teams took off, Tim already ahead stealing the puck away from the other team.

Tim used all his skills both Jack had taught him, and what he leaned by watching to play just as well as anyone else on each team.

Everyone was clearly amazed by what little Tim could do, and the other team was told by there own couch not to go easy on his just because he had one arm, if the boy was enable he would not be so determined to play with the team like he was.

Soon the game came to un end and the last score was made, but it was not made by Tim's team…for no matter how hard he tried, or as good he and his team was, they just made it a little shot and lost…

But that was okay, because Tim showed the world that day-he was not as incapable as some people might think, and in the end the money was split between teams, because a boy with one arm who was willing to do so much for his team, desired that much in retune.