Their words don't even lay a hand on me
for here I am, standing

They say I'm weird and backwards
but the truth is I don't care.

Through their ill spat syllables and their crappy ass lines
I have decided that I'm done.

They walk where they will and put others down as they please
but I'm done their crap, done with their lives

I'm going to stand up and breathe my thoughts
to everyone willing to hear

I'm the loser that was always called names
the pathetic worm that crawled on hands and knees
begging and begging for the words to stop
but never, never did they let up

I cried myself to sleep
their molten lava words melting through my dreams
I thought I was nothing

But stop, stop I said in my strongest voice
I'm not taking it anymore

My eyes are dry and veins hungry for blood
but I said stop, and they were still.

Through raggedy ass clothes and funny looking ways
I decided to be more than they ever thought I would be
I would be strong for me
strong for the bullied
strong for all the creeping crawling so called worms of the earth

So bring it on as I stand here in the light
I scream for someone to say something
about the way I look, I act,
I breathe, I think
because I have decided
to stand and speak
the words of me