When a child is born, that baby is assigned a guardian angel. Guardian angels are those angels who watch us and protect us from harm. An angel named Ariel was assigned a baby boy as a charge. Ariel loved that little boy...not because she had to, but because she had been that boy's older sister.

Ariel stuck to the little boy's side, more than she should have. She was with him so much; she had become transparently visible to the boy as he grew

The little boy loved Ariel, and talked to her late at night when he couldn't sleep. It was a peaceful time for them. But it soon turned sour. A man broke into the little boy's house one night, Ariel stood in front of the frightened boy as they listened to the creaking of the stairs as the man walked. His parents were killed in their sleep. The man walked into the little boy's room and saw him curled up in a ball, but he didn't see Ariel in front of the little boy. The man walked to the bed, and raised the knife; Ariel caught the man's arm and held it. The man was confused as to why he couldn't move his arm. Ariel kept hold of his arm, getting madder and madder and madder. She began to glow; her wings spread wide to protect the little boy. The boy looked at her and stared with wide eyes. "Ariel" He said "I can see you like I see Mommy and Daddy"

The man could see her too. The man pulled out another knife with his free hand. The little boy screamed as the man stabbed Ariel. Ariel gasped as blood ran down her torso. The little boy cried for Ariel, when suddenly a bellow was heard. It sounded like a horn. Ariel looked at the man and smiled "You're dead now" She said gasping for air

The man pulled the knife from Ariel, he was panicked. The man went for the door but as soon as he opened it there stood, in all his glory, Gabriel the Arch-angel

Gabriel walked into the room forcing the man to step back. Gabriel looked around the room, looked directly at the little boy, and his scared face and then at Ariel, who was bleeding. He then spoke to the man "You have sinned" Was all he said before he snapped his fingers, and the floor of the little boy's room opened up and demons dragged the man down to hell. Gabriel then picked up Ariel and held her gently. To the boy he said "it's too late for her, I'm sorry" In a brilliant flash Gabriel and Ariel were gone, and in their place, was only the symbol of the guardian angels, wings with a sword.