Remember, Remember the men from November.

The shratnal buried in snow.

Young men Died as old men Cried For king and country we Go.

The sky was on fire as they drank bloody water.

Living in Hell in the cold.

Each breath the men took through a piss coverd rag was the hope they had to go home.

It takes only minutes to say we can do this but a whole life fighting for peice.

Millions of men Died, women cried children loosing Fathers, Brothers, and more.

through enemy fire and gas and lie'rs they fought for our countries peace.

So Remember, Remember the men from November

The Wars that seem so long ago.

We are still fighting as I Am Reciting A Poem of Remembrance and woe.

Long Live the men From war 1 up to ten,

For never should a soul be forgotten.

Take up the torch and remember them now.

For without them this would not be the Canada we Know.