Written for the 11/11 Remembrance Day thing. R&R!

Poppy Horrors

A poppy; a simple, ordinary little flower
Carries so much more
Depth, emotion and meaning than you or me

"Yet today's generation don't appreciate any of it, do they?"

"It's completely understandable"
They don't know the true horror
And we hope they never do
Know what it is like

To desperately beg for death
To suddenly wake up every morning
And realise
That dreams are only meant for sleeping
That wishing for something doesn't ever make it so
To watch your own friends, your fathers, your sons, your cousins, your brothers die

Quicker than light
One simple, little pull of the trigger
Just like that
Never to be seen again

Going to sleep, not listening to your sweet mother's gentle, serene lullaby
But instead, death
Screeching screams of agony
Continuous cries of despair
Non-stop, sudden bangs of weapons

Taking another life with every impact

Second by second
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day
Week by week
Month by month
Year by year
It never stopped

Until that glorious day
That glorious moment

The 11th
11:00 am

It stopped
It all stopped
It all had actually stopped