First off my parents seem to think that me being a vegetarian is just one of those silly little phases teenagers go through, and so they aren't supporting me. My school seems to be against individuality unless they somehow gain from it. Over the past few weeks I have managed to come to terms with the issue with my parents and the school. I thought I would be the mature one and not hold a grudge.

It was fine. Until I went to Tesco.

I went to the frozen section to check out the new Quorn steaks, it was all going well until I got there. There was only two left but I didn't mind, I was reaching for the one closest to me. When, out of nowehere a hand loomed in and took the box. By the time I had gotten over the shock and grabbed the other box, my attacker had left the scene. I used my own money to buy those Quorn steaks as the mother believes it is a waste of money. When I got home I thought I would eat my steaks for lunch, that was when I read the box. It wasn't Quorn. It was actual meat.

The Supermarket is against me. Why would they put normal steaks where Quorn is meant to be!

Maybe it's an omen...

A test of strength...?