Intro "Fourteen-year-old Nicole Grillo from Syosset dies in a car crash this morning. Her seventeen-year-old brother driving survives. They were on their way to school on a particularly foggy morning and a minivan turns sharply without warning. The man in the van is fire. Nicole died holding a necklace with the words "Nikki & Keegan" engraved on it." The broadcast stops when my mother shuts off the television. I look up at her and she has a pitiful, sad look in her eyes. She takes a cautious step towards me but I turn away and walk back into my room. I can't believe it. I don't believe it. I'm going to call her. It can't be her. One ring… two rings… three, four, five, six- voicemail. The voice of her best friend projects through my ears. I'm scared. She can't be gone. It isn't true. I'll try her mom. One… two… three… "Hello?" "Donna, thank God. Do you know where Nikki is?" "Keegan, she's- she's gone. I'm sorry I have to go." She was chocking back sobs. I still don't believe it. It has to be a prank. She's not dead. She's my girlfriend, my best-friend, my future wife and my world. She's not dead. I love her, she's not dead. My mom comes into my room. She sees me on my bed, the phone about to drop from my right hand, my left one over my heart. She tells me I don't have to go to school today. I give her a curt nod and put the phone and her picture in front of me waiting for her to call.