In the barren hallways,

Rejected by your two best friends,

Will you be waiting for me?

I want to make your dreams come true,

And maybe my scribbles'll

Do me a little for your happiness.

How alone am I going to be

Before I meet you in the last hour?

You were joking, I think, but

Here is the ever-present guilt

Of not knowing what to do.

Can you ever forgive me for living?

I'm praying for you to nobody I know,

Closing my eyes against darkness.

Your experience is blinding me,

And mine is pathetic.

It was you I was talking about when

I said someone could complain.

You refuse to grieve. That's why

I want to see your face in a reflection next to me.

I want the space between us to disappear.

Desire? It's human nature.

But please, I'm only joking!

It's a little different from twirling my hair.

Right, I'll be there in the mornings forever,

When we're surrounded by music

And my own loud heart.

This one's for you.