We were three when we met.

Our mothers were instantly friends.

So were we.

He lived five houses up the street from me.

We played almost every day after preschool.

We used to race laps around his house.

He would always win.

I didn't care-

I was in love.

To him we were friends.

To me we were destined to be together forever.

I loved him so much.

His quirky laugh and messy hair made me happy.

I'd miss him whenever we were apart.

He made me calm-

once my mom realized that she brought me over to his house whenever I threw a tantrum.

I didn't know how to play Pokemon cards, but I played anyways.

When he went to the bathroom I switched our cards.

He still won that game.

We used to make mud pies in my backyard.

My mom would make us take baths-


We were placed in the same kindergarten class.

We both hated our kindergarten teacher, Ms. Homer.

We made her mad on purpose.

Since we competed over everything, we'd try to beat each other at everything.

He'd punch me, I'd punch him harder.

We'd both get in trouble.

I'd love him even more for getting us out of it.

We graduated to first grade.

One day my older cousins came over.

I wanted to prove to them that I was older.

We went on a walk up the street.

Justin was out.

He ran over to say hi.

I bravely kissed him on the cheek.

When he didn't do anything, I did it again.

Then me and my cousins kept walking.

We were still friends-but we didn't talk about the kiss.

We graduated to second grade.

Him and I weren't in the same class.

It was okay-

we still walked home from the bus together.

That is, until we graduated from second grade.

We had just taken a big test in the second grade.

No one knew what it was actually for.

I went up to his mom at the labor day party to ask what class for third grade he was in.

She said that he was going to the Gifted & Talented school this year instead-

that he had passed the test.

I felt really left out, we were at pretty much the same academic level.

I checked my score online.

I got 44 out of 50-one point off from getting in.

The next year we almost never saw each other-

actually we barely saw each other for four whole years.

Until seventh grade, when he would be pushed back into the same school.

I couldn't wait.

Because as much as I tried to convince myself otherwise, I still loved him.

He was still my kindergarten crush.