A Time of Wishes

A/N: Just a little somethin' I wrote during free write in class today. Basically a poem about what happened for me at 11:11 AM :) (I was at lunch so there were a lot of people there to cheer XD)

The seconds tick down and we all await it eagerly;

The coming of the time we have been waiting for

At 11:10, everyone is thinking of what wish they will make

"To fly!" someone jokes

"For money and power!" laughs another

But I? I wish for something real

I cannot tell you, for if I do, it will not come true

The second hand ticks and the time is all one's

A roar erupts from behind; everyone cheers, I laugh, "It's not New Years!"

Ignoring further sounds, I let my eyes close, wishing for what I have planned to

And after I'm done, I open my eyes, looking to all of my friends

They mimic my moves, and after it all, everyone grins

"Another twelve hours!" someone announces, "And then a hundred years more!"

And the clock ticks once more, as nature will tell; time does not stop

Everyone sighs, for the magical time has passed

And we simply start a new countdown of hours