Appreciation: Olt Story VI

From young ages both Main and Darius knew that they were to be together. Main, over the years had grown to be a social and self-absorbed young woman, while Darius was said to be extremely proud of himself and everything he was involved with, including Main.

When Main's mother Gerkaw had come into a great deal of money, and Darius had started his first well-paying job as an officer in the great navy of Tonning, Main decided that she was a woman in a high enough position to do away with the one thing she has somewhat disliked through her life; the color yellow. She discarded the few yellow colored clothes she owned, as well as those of Darius' and made sure to discard of any yellow colored foods, papers, or house items.

Darius indulged in Main's petty demands that there be no yellow colored items in their home to be, as they were soon to be engaged and already had a house set up. As Darius grew more and more proud over his naval accomplishments in Tonning, his bride to be, who now made sure to prepare herself extra extravagantly each and every day, walked around the city more and more boastful and more vocal of her disgust with yellow.

In several weeks, Darius officially proposed to Main and the two were engaged. In few weeks they arranged to have their engagement party, whose plans grew more extravagant as the date neared. Darius had arranged for exotic foods to be shipped from far away cities; he hired every server in the city to work at the party, and invited every well-known and rich inhabitant of Tonning to the party. Main often joked to Darius that if such a party was to be held for the engagement, none could imagine the affair for the wedding.

Being a great lover of music herself, Main arranged for the most famed musician in all lands to play at the party, the young and extremely talented Illic.

Illic traveled from the grasslands in order to play at this party, for he was to be paid a great deal. But two hours before the actual start of the party did he arrive, and to the horror of Main was his instrument a deep yellow wood. She raved that he was not to play his instrument, that he should borrow or buy one that was not yellow from a nearby shop, but Illic refused saying that half his talent lye in the instrument itself. Main, being as stubborn and full of herself as she was, sent Illic away saying that he would not play at her party. The great musician Illic was offended largely by this gesture, and so one hour before the party was to be held, Illic had Main banished to the middle of the desert, the only requirement for her return to Darius being that she learn to appreciate the beauty in the color yellow.