"You're new and your late, find an empty seat and quickly get your stuff out" Mr Hunt my business teacher said, I looked around the room and saw three empty seats, one at the front next to a geeky looking girl and two at the back next to a boy with his head down on the table, I rushed to a seat at the back not wanting to attract attention to myself. I got my pad of paper out of my bag but couldn't find my pen, This was nothing new I never had a pen on me, I just about remembered to bring paper. Today's the first day at my new school, I used to go boarding school but I missed my family too much so I made the decision to change school. Obviously there were other reasons for wanting to leave but that's still a raw subject to think about!

I turned to the boy next to me and shook him slightly, he turned his head and looked at me, he blinked a few times and then sat up "Sorry, do you have a pen I can borrow?" I asked "Er yeah" He said patting his pockets, he took out a black biro and handed it to me,

"Thanks" I said

"Are you new?" He asked

"Have you seen me before" I asked raising an eyebrow

"I would remember" He said smirking

"I transferred from boarding school; I wanted to be closer to home" I said as I wrote down the date on my paper

"Oh right, do you know anyone here or are you a loner?" He asked, a hint of a smirk on his face

"I'm not a loner, I know a few people, and my cousin goes here" I said a little defensively

"What's there name I might know them?" He asked

"Becca" I said

"Mixed race Becca?" He asked

"Yeah" I said

"Peng Becca, it must run in the family" He mumbled, I smiled and pretended not to hear "I know her friend Hannah too" I said

"No boys then?" He asked

"I know a boy called Josh, used to play round his house when we were younger, haven't seen him for years though" I said

"Quiet at the back, I'll be come and explain to you in a moment Cassie" Mr Hunt said,

"So your names Cassie" The boy said "It's not like you asked, don't seem so surprised" I said smiling more to myself then to him.

At the end of the lesson I gave the boy his pen back "Thanks"

"It's cool, Where you going now?" He asked, he stood up from his chair then pushed it in without taking his eyes off me,

I could feel my cheeks getting a little warm "I'm not sure, I need to find Becca"

"She's probably in the Common room, come on I'll show you"


"You say thanks a lot" He said "Er, yeah thanks" I laughing.

I followed the boy out of the classroom and all the way to the common room. I looked around for Becca and saw her on the other side of the room sitting with Hannah; Becca and I have been best friends since birth. We went to the same school since we were 11, then we kept in touch when I went away, she's mixed race and has a killer body, even though she's about 5ft 3, she knows how to work it. Hannah is her best friend and I'm sure will soon be mine, She has short brown hair and is really tall, loads of people say she looks like Frankie from the Saturdays but I think she's way hotter.

I turned to the boy that showed me to the common room "Um Thanks, I didn't catch your name"

"That's because I didn't throw it" He said smirking,

I narrowed my eyes at him and was about to retort back when someone shouted "Oi Peng ting Cassie", I turned and spotted Becca waving her hands at me, I smiled and waved back, turned back to the boy to say bye, I was met with an empty space. How rude, he didn't even say bye. I frowned as I made my way over to my favourite cousin.

"I've been looking for you" I said sitting down in between her and Hannah, I looked them both over, remembering just how gorgeous they both are.

"Yeah I weren't looking for you though" Becca said while I hugged her

"Yeah I gathered that because I had to make my own way here" I said

"Looks like you got here just fine" Hannah said pulling me in for a hug after Becca

"What do you mean" I said

"Don't act dumb, we all saw you with Ben" Becca said wiggling her eyebrows

"Who?" I asked, they both looked at me like I was crazy, waiting for me to say more.

"Ben, the boy that brought you here" Hannah finally said with hesitation

"Oh so his name is Ben, yeah he was really nice to me, let me borrow a pen and then showed me here" I said, not thinking much of it.

"You haven't even been here for an hour and already you have peng Ben falling at your feet" Becca said

"Don't be stupid" I said sitting back on my chair

"It begins, none of us girls stand a chance now" Hannah said

"Oh shh, you both have boyfriends" I said with a flick of my wrist dismissing them

"And so do you so behave" Becca said

"I don't have a boyfriend" I said

"What, since when!" Becca shouted at me. She turned in her chair so that she had my full attention

"Since a while ago" I said shrugging

"Explain" Hannah said

"Not now, don't really want to talk about it" I said

"Well how about you come round mine tonight so we can catch up" Hannah said

"What time, I start work today" I said

"Whenever, 7ish?" Hannah said

"I may be a bit late, I have to go home and get changed and beg my brother to drop me" I said "Ollie is here too, How come you're both back" Becca said

"Ollie's not back, he's just on holiday for two weeks, I was getting really home sick, and just really wanted to leave" I said

"Good, Highams Park doesn't need the both of you here" Becca said

"Yeah, you got that right" I said. Ollie's my older brother by 18 months, most people refer to him as a sexgod but I only see him as an annoying freak. He still goes to boarding school but comes home during the holidays. Whenever we both go somewhere, we're always causing some sort of trouble, if we got caught he would always take the blame and I got off scott free.

"Show us your time table, we might have to the same lessons" Hannah said, I just my timetable out of my bag and handed it to Hannah. "You have Sociology with us and English with me"

"Cool, what have I got next" I said snatching my timetable from her

"Oi, don't snatch" She said

"My timetable, I can do what I like" I said sticking my tongue out, I scanned the timetable and saw that I had a prep next, "What does prep mean?"

"Mean's you haven't got a lesson" A male voice said,

I looked up and saw Josh smiling down at me "Oh my gosh, Josh" I said jumping up, I threw my arms around him and pulled him to me tightly

"When did you get here?" Josh asked

"I started here today, it's so good to see you, and you've grown" I said holding him at arm's length

"Yeah so have you" He said looking me up and down

"You finally got rid of that baby fat" I said squeezing his biceps, I always remember him being a scrawny little boy with glasses. Now he's filled out in all the right places. I've been friends with him for as long as I can remember but we sort of stopped talking a couple years ago.

"Stop trying to feel me up"

"Oh shut up, you love it"

"We need to catch up, come round mine tonight"

"She can't, she's busy" Becca said

"She can cancel it" Josh said

"No I can't, I'm going to Hannah's" I said

"I'm coming then" He said quickly

"Only if you pick Cassie up and drop her home afterwards" Hannah said

"Deal" He said

"What, you drive now?" I asked Josh surprised, I was a little jealous that I haven't even set foot behind a wheel of a car

"Yeah for about four months now" He said puffing his chest out, trying to look all superior

"Oh really, what car have you got?" I asked, I don't know why because I haven't got a clue about cars

"A white Zetec Sport"

"I might just have to keep you" I said before kissing him on the cheek

"It's not like you have a choice"

"What have you got next?"

"I haven't got a lesson"

"Same, you can stay with me" I said pulling him to sit down next to me

"Lucky me".

During my prep, I kept getting looks from a few people but I pretended not to notice. I was used to people staring at me, not being big headed or anything but I was HOT! I had killer legs and bright green eyes that go amazing with my caramel coloured skin; I'm never lost for words, I always have something to say. I'm no virgin either, my last boyfriends, the boy that I let take my virginity, we used to go at it like rabbits all the time. I used to be horny as hell all the time; it's all calmed down now though... I think

"So what's new with you?"I asked Josh

"Not much the only exciting thing in my life was passing my test"

"Oh what a wonderful life you live" the sarcasm rolling off my tongue

"I know thanks" He said dimly

"My life is full of excitement"

"Oh yeah, what's so great with you then?"

"Well for one thing, I live at home now, another is that I'm single, um, oh and I come to this school now and that I'm just a cool person" I smiled

"Ooo so exciting" He said returning the sarcasm

"Shut up, you should be glad that your my friend, you clearly don't have any here"

"You better watch yourself before I leave you here by yourself"

"I'm sure someone will come over soon"

"Hmm yeah your right, better not leave you on your own there's some dodgy characters around"

"Give me your number so I can text you my address for later" I said "So demanding" He said as I handed him my phone.