When I got home, I ran up to my room and got changed into jeggings and a long sleeved white top. After, I went downstairs to wait for Josh. Bringing me out of my daydream mum asked "How was work?"

I blinked a few times before focusing on what she said "It was ok; the kids are alright"

"That's good, where are you off to now?"

"I'm going to Hannah's house with Becca and Josh, you remember Josh right?"

"Joshua, yeah I still go out with his mum sometimes"

"Well he's picking me up in a minute and dropping me home after"

"That's nice" She said before leaving the room, rudely ending the conversation.

Josh texted me when he was outside so I put my converses on and grabbed my purse and phone before running out the door. I jumped into Josh's car and kissed his cheek before he could say anything "Drive!" I ordered

"Someone's in a hurry" He said pulling out of my drive.

All the way to Hannah's we played out loud music while I madly sang along. "Will you shut up now, we're here now" He said parking the car. Josh knocked on the door and Hannah answered "Hellooo, come in, Becca's already here" She said letting us in the room

"Nice house" I said when we were in her bedroom

"Can't wait to move out" She said

"Ah you aren't going anywhere" Becca said.

I got comfortable next to Josh on Hannah's bed before Becca said "So when are you going to tell us the story about you and your boyfriend?"

"Ex boyfriend, I'm going to need some alcohol down my throat before I can tell that story" I said

"You're in luck; my mum always makes sure she has drink in the house. I'll make a couple of pitcher and bring them up" Hannah said

"I'll help" Becca said.

When they both left the room I turned to Josh "Have you got a girlfriend?" I asked

"Nah, haven't got time for girls that just want me for my car" He said

"Good thinking, waste of time if you ask me" I said

"Funny thing is I didn't ask you" He said pushing his shoulder into mine

"Yeah well you got my answer any way" I said pushing him back,

When Hannah came back, I grabbed one of the pitcher jugs off of her and down half of it, "Cassie, slow down you alcoholic" Becca said grabbing the jug from me

"I need to be drunk if I'm going to get through this story, oh where to begin" I said

"How about from the start" Hannah said as she sat on the floor,

I took a deep breath before beginning my story "Ok, it started back when Jahiem and I were about 14, that's when he came to the school, he charmed the socks off of me and he was gorgeous, we went out a week later after non-stop flirting, everything was great for about 2 years, I mean he was my first and the sex was great, but throughout the second year he became really aggressive and possessive, but I didn't see it, my friends were all telling me that he was no good and I should dump him, but I was stupidly blinded by love I didn't see what he was doing to me, At first he always wanted to have sex like all the time, and he would manipulate me into it, he used to always want to be at my side and if I was speaking to one of my guy friends he would accuse them of trying to steal me from him, It got to the point where he was always with me glaring at everyone, always checking my phone and emails, it was making me sick, I started asking him to back off and give me some space because I was neglecting my friends, but he just blew up and we got into a full blown argument that really scared the hell out of me, I told Ollie about what was happening and he said that he would do something, but in the end he couldn't do anything it wasn't his problem, so for about 4 months it was just the same, he kept pushing me around and demanding sex, it got so bad that I knew I had to leave for it to stop, I managed to get away from him for five minutes and talk to my mum and tell her what was happening, so I didn't come back just because I missed my family, it was mainly to get away from Jahiem"

"Wow, a lots been happening to you" Hannah said

"It fucking messed my head up" I said grabbing a jug from the floor and drinking from it

"I had to change my number too, he kept ringing and texting me" I added

"Sounds like a psycho to me" Josh said

"Well at least you have Ben now" Becca said

"Who's Ben?" Josh asked

"You know Ben, Cassie's boyfriend" Hannah said smirking at me

"He's not my boyfriend I don't even know him" I said

"That's right, you're all mine" Josh said, then he grabbed hold of my head and pulled it to his and kissed me, I kissed him back for a moment before I realised what was happening. I pushed his face away from mine and said "Josh you twat, don't take advantage of my drunken state"

"I couldn't resist" He said smiling

"Why don't you both just go have sex" Becca said

"Don't give me any ideas, I might like it" I said before downing the rest of the drink.

As the night progressed we all drank some alcohol and then got comfortable on Hannah's bed to watch a movie, Josh and I sat up by the head board and Becca and Hannah stayed at the bottom of the bed, Before Hannah started the film I said "Wait, before you start it, could you get me a quilt or something, I'm a bit cold"

"You're never pleased" She muttered

"I heard that" I called after her.

After Hannah gave me a quilt, switched the light off and started the film, I covered Josh and I with the quilt and then got comfortable, a while into the film Josh put his hand on my knee, I looked at him and raised an eyebrow, he did the same face as a way of seeing what I'd do next, as I wasn't one to back down I put a hand on his thigh, after a moment he moved his hand off my knee and up my thigh stopping just before he reached my crotch, leaving me to make the next big move. Without taking my eyes off him, I smiled and moved my hand up the rest of his thigh and grabbed his crotch, he winked at me and then managed to get his hand under my jeggings and onto my crotch, I stared at him for a while before putting my hand inside his joggers and boxers, and grabbed a hold of his penis and stroked it, he let out a small groan, making sure the others couldn't hear, he didn't bother to put his hands inside my knickers, he just moved them to the side and pushed two of his fingers inside of me, we continued this until Josh said "Shit" then jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room

"Err, what were you two doing?" Becca asked

"Nothing" I mumbled before I yawned

"It didn't sound like nothing" She said

"You should have joined us, you would have liked it" I said before dissolving into a fit of giggles

"Where's Josh gone?" Hannah said

"To finish off" I said before bursting out laughing,

I must of been laughing to hard because I fell sideways off the bed, "Somebody can't hold their drink" Hannah said

"Somebody needs to get me some more" I said

"No more drink for you, we do have college in the morning" Becca said

"Fuck College, I want to get wasted" I said getting up from the floor as Josh came back in the room

"Have fun in the bathroom did you" Hannah said

"You have some good stuff in there" He said smirking

"I better not find anything sticky on any of my things" She said

"Don't get jel Hanny" I said

"Disgusted more like" she said.

At around 1am, Hannah was throwing us out "Josh isn't drunk so he can still take you home, goodbye" She said

"Love you too babe" I said throwing my arms around her neck

"Knock for me tomorrow before you go in, and you better remember" She said

"See you" I said giving her and Becca a wave as I walked out the door. In Josh's car, I kept trying to stick me head out the window,

"I'm really hot Josh, I need air" I whined

"You can't stick your head out, someone might whack you as they pass" He said

"That's not going to happen" I said.

I took my seatbelt off and tried to climb into the back seat but Josh grabbed me and pinned me to my seat with his free hand

"Ooo I like all this forcefulness, it's really hot" I said

"Just sit still, your nearly home" He said

"Are you trying to feel me up Joshy"? I asked

"I've felt you up enough today" He said "Oh you are funny" I said before yawning.