Aria bit her lip. The plane was hovering over the city of London. She was definitely nervous. She'd been in Greece for a month, after all. Her parents were divorced, and Aria went to visit her father where he was living.

"We are about to land soon," the captain announced over the speakers. "Please fasten your seatbelts."

Aria checked her seatbelt. Fastened. She gripped the armrest of the chair. Her big, brown eyes were worried.

After a while, the plane had a bumpy landing, and everyone got up to retrieve their luggage. Aria got up slowly to get her luggage bag. Pulling up the handle, she grabbed her handbag and walked out of the plane, into the airport. Aria didn't bring much luggage, just her suitcase, and looked around for her transport back home.

A familiar tuft of spiky hair moved through the crowd. Aria stood on her toes and peered at that person. He emerged from the crowd and Aria gasped. She ran towards him, excitedly.

"TOM!" she looked at her and grinned, his green eyes twinkling.

"ARIA!" he yelled back as they embraced. Aria felt all warm and welcome. She recognized his familiar scent and snuggled deeper into his jacket.

Once they had separated, Tom remarked, "Your hair's a mess."

Aria blew under her breath frustratedly. "It's not my fault that airplanes are dry and just, well, disgusting!" she argued.

Aria pulled off her scrunchie that was tying up her reddish-brown, long, curly hair. She took out a comb from her handbag and brushed her hair quickly.

So this is just a starting of the story, I don't know whether I should continue. I will if anyone finds it interesting enough though! :)

- Jo.

*EDIT* This isn't a chapter. It's just a short bit seeing if people like it. The next chapter is longer.