"You happy now?" Aria laughed, lightly punching Tom.

"Yes, it looks much better, you should really look after your appearance more, after all, you're a seventeen year old girl!" he joked.

"Shut up!" she smiled. "Just take me back home now. Greece was just, well, terrible."

"Tell me more in the car, follow me," Tom said.

He led Aria to the parking lot where his black BMW was parked. Unlocking the doors, he lifted up Aria's luggage into the trunk and took his seat in the car to drive. Aria sat on the passenger seat in the car.

Tom just started driving this year, but because of his rich family influence, he was allowed to drive freely, and take his driving exam very early in the year.

"So, tell me all about Greece," Tom started a conversation, keeping his eyes on the road.

Aria bit her lip again. "Once I reached my dad's house, I found him snogging with some blonde lady. Not the best welcoming."

"Was she his girlfriend?" Tom asked.

"Yes, and he said that he might be marrying her in December. She's perfectly disgusting, if you ask me. She pulls ugly faces at me when he's not looking," Aria grumbled. "But other than that, Greece was amazing, and as usual, I had no friends."

"Well, isn't that a pity. I'm all you have, I guess then!" Tom laughed. "I just feel so special."

"Be quiet," Aria huffed. "Are we there yet?"

Tom squinted at the road. "Around five more minutes."

"Tom?" Aria asked, hesitating before asking the question that had been pulling at her mind since she landed.


"Um, how's school?"

There, she asked it. Aria held her breath for his answer.

"Oh, the usual. Brittany and Jessica being the mean girls and me sitting alone," Tom complained.

"You poor thing!" Aria gave a fake smile. She wasn't expecting such a simple answer as that. "Oh well, maybe you won't be so alone now that I'm back!"

After a while, Tom reached Aria's house and parked his car right outside. Aria's house wasn't actually a house. It was a organic shop run by her mum. Their bedrooms were on top of the shop.

Aria got out of the car and grabbed her bag from the trunk.

"Mum! I'm home!" she yelled.

A woman around the age of forty stepped out of the shop, wearing an apron with her brown hair in a messy bun.

"Aria, my lovely dear," she cried, embracing Aria. "How were you?"

"Oh, just the usual," Aria remarked, with the wave of her hand. "Greece wasn't any more exciting than it was before."

"Hey, Mrs Knight," Tom greeted her. Knight was Aria's mum's surname. After the divorce, Aria's mum had changed almost every living evidence of her and her children's surnames to Knight.

"GIVE ME AN 'A'!" a voice shouted from the shop.

Aria looked up and saw a 19 year old boy with black hair and misty blue eyes step out of the shop. He was wearing an apron similar to Aria's mum.

"AARON!" she screamed excitedly. Aria ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

"I missed you, little sis!" Aaron smiled, hugging her back.

"Now, my dear girl, why don't you go upstairs, take a warm bath and come down for a sandwich later?" her mum suggested, taking off her apron.

"Sure! I'm kind of tired, that'll be great, thanks!" Aria smiled.

She turned to Tom. "Alright then, see you tomorrow in school!"

He gave her a crooked smile, "I'm coming to pick you up, right?"

Aria nodded. Tom smiled again and walked off, jumped in his car and drove off.

"I'll be upstairs if you need me!" Aria said, as she lugged her bags up the stairs to her room and shut the door.

She took a long, relaxing bath, and dreaded for what was coming tomorrow. School. She shuddered at the thought of facing the students again.

Ever since Aria joined high school, she'd been bullied continuously. She just didn't get why the rest of them didn't like her. She wasn't a rich snob, nor a freaky geek. Just that once she joined the school, no one talked to her, except for Tom, since they were childhood friends. Tom was no more liked than she was.

Getting out of the shower, Aria put on an old jersey of Aaron's and some shorts. She wrinkled her nose at her black Ray-Bans, but put them on anyway because she was half blind.

"Aria? Your sandwich is ready!" her mum yelled from downstairs.

Aria quickly blow-dried her hair and tied it up in a messy bun.

She padded downstairs, wearing soft slippers and sat down at the wooden table in the kitchen. Aaron was already there, watching the television. Her mum walked up to her and gave her a sandwich on a plate. Aria thanked her mum and took a bite out of the sandwich.

Slowly chewing, she asked, "Could I take this sandwich upstairs? I have some work to do."

"Sure, Aria," her mum smiled.

Aria nodded towards her mum and walked up with the plate in hand. Shutting her bedroom door behind her, she set the plate down by her laptop on her wooden desk, and turned on her laptop.

She immediately logged on Facebook and braced herself for the messages. People from school were only friends with her there because they wanted to tease her. She scrolled through her profile.


u suck, dun come bck frm whrever u are!


your grosss!



Aria sighed. She was used to this. Biting down her lip, hard, she clicked on the facebook homepage. Everyone was posting about something.



Harry Knight? The famous singer? She gasped.

"Aria! Go to bed!" her mum yelled from below.

Aria turned off the computer and sighed. Her bags were all packed and ready for school tomorrow. Her clothes were neatly folded in the bathroom. Everything was prepared. Except for Aria. She was terrified. She hated school so much. Her life was miserable there. But there was nothing she could do about it.

Aria turned off the lights and lay down on her bed, her mind full of worries. Giving up, she took off her glasses and fell asleep.

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