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"Jake, can you run to the store for me please?"

I sighed and got up. I turned the TV off walked to the kitchen, where my mom was baking.

"Sure, mom."

"Thanks, honey."

I grabbed the shopping list from her hand and closed the door behind me as I walked out of the house. I decided to walk when I realized I left my car keys in my room. The store wasn't far from my house anyway.

I kept walking until I saw the Anderson house. The Anderson household consisted of Tyler, Alexandra and their parents. And they had an older sister who stopped by occasionally.

I stood there for a couple of minutes. I wanted to knock the door but I knew Tyler wasn't at home. He had football practice every Friday, after school. And I had to go to the store anyway.

Tyler had been my best friend since we were 10 years old. We spent all of our time together. We became best friends quickly. So, eventually I became friends with Alexandra, Tyler's twin sister. She was the most beautiful girl I've met. She was smart, funny and interesting. Needless to say I was impressed.

When Tyler started playing football and I started playing basketball, we became popular. As a side effect, Lexie became popular too. Everyone loved her. Honestly, it was impossible not to love her.

Tyler was happy with all the attention he was getting. Or should I say, all the girls he was getting? However, he was not happy with the attention his sister was getting. Neither was I. Boys constantly asked her out, which at first didn't bother me. But eventually I fell for her...hard.

She had been dating a jerk named Colin at the time. Colin was on the basketball team too. So, Lexie and I started spending more time together. I gave her rides home or dropped her at Colin's. We had a lot of time to get to know each other.

Colin and Lexie dated 2 years before they broke up. Colin moved and they didn't want to try a long distance relationship- much to my delight. However, she was heartbroken and I couldn't stand seeing her sad. That's when I realized I was in love with her.

I was completely in love with Alexandra Anderson.

It took her a while to get over the break up. And I couldn't bring myself to tell her my feelings. Then she told me that I was her best guy friend. That was the end of my dreams of telling her how I feel.

My thoughts got interrupted when someone bumped into me. I hadn't realized I was still standing in the middle of the road staring at their house. I looked up and saw a pair of beautiful blue eyes looking at me.

"Hey, Lex. Sorry. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Then she gave me one of those heart melting smiles. I smiled back.

"Let me help you with those." I kneeled down to help her pick up the boxes she dropped. She was carrying a bag which had a pharmacy logo on it. I studied the boxes in my hands. Some pills for nausea and...a couple of pregnancy tests. What the fuck?

I looked up and met her gaze. She blushed when she saw the boxes in my hands. She quickly put them in the bag.

"Umm, yeah. Thanks. See you around." And with that she ran into the house.

I just stood there stunned. Alexandra, my Lexie...she couldn't be pregnant, could she?

My phone started ringing, startling me. I sighed and answered the phone.

"Yes, mom. I'm on my way."

I was lying in my bed at midnight. It was early to be in bed but I didn't care. Normally, I would be at a party, drinking and having fun. But not today. I couldn't stop thinking about Lex. I had tried everything before I decided to sleep and now sleeping wasn't working either. Thoughts about Lex were keeping me awake.

It was 6 am when I opened my eyes. I didn't know when I fell asleep but I wasn't feeling tired. I got up my bed, moving towards the shower.

I got dressed and went downstairs. Apparently nobody was awake yet. I only took my cell phone and keys with me. I closed the door behind me and started jogging.

I stopped when I saw Lexie getting out of a car and waving goodbye. There was some distance between us so I couldn't see who the driver was.

She was walking towards her house, bare foot. Her high heels were in her hands. She was wearing a short dress which looked like date material. Her dress was tight, showing off her curves. Her hair and make up was ruined, he eyes were red. She looked like she was crying.

"Lex?" My voice was low and hoarse. She looked so sad that I felt like crying.

"Jake? What are you doing up so early?" She looked surprised to see me there.

"I was jogging. What about you? Where were you last night? Were you crying? God, what happened Lexie? Why didn't you call me?"

I saw tears in her eyes and realized I sounded a bit more accusing than I intended to.

"Lexie..Lex, I am so sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. It's none of my business, you don't have to tell me."

I felt like shit for making her cry but honestly, I wanted to know what happened. I looked at her hopefully.

"It's okay." Her voice was low and I could tell she wasn't feeling well.

"Come here, Lex." I pulled her into a hug and she buried her head to my chest, crying. "It's going to be fine, baby. Don't cry."

She pulled away with a sudden move and ran towards to garbage nearby. She was throwing up. God, could things get any worse?

"I can't go home like this."

"Come on sweetheart, let's go to my house and get you cleaned up. Then you can go home, okay?"

She just nodded and I pulled her towards me, throwing my arm around her shoulders. Then I realized she wasn't wearing any shoes.

I swept her off her feet and started carrying her bridal style.

"Jake! What are you doing?" She sounded amused rather than angry. I chuckled.

"We are here, princess." I said as I put her on the kitchen counter. I bowed in front of her.

She glared at me but I grinned. We were silent for a minute and then we started laughing. It wasn't even funny but we were laughing so hard that tears were rolling down our faces. After a while our laughter died slowly.

There was an awkward silence again. I took a step towards her and held her hand. She smiled.

"Thank you. I needed that."

"Anytime, princess." I smiled brightly.

"Do you want to know what happened?" She asked hesitantly.

"Only if you want to tell me."

We just stood there looking at each others eyes. She breathed in deeply and started talking.

"I don't want to be alone, you know? Everyone keeps saying that I could get any guy I wanted...but I don't want just any guy. I want someone who could love me. And I want to love him back—"

"Okay, stop." She looked at me, confused. "I think I know where you are getting with this and I have to tell you something."

She nodded and let me continue.

"Here goes nothing. Lexie...I can be that guy. I can love you if you can love me back. Honestly, I'll love you either way. I know about the baby...and you won't be alone. I can take care of both of you. First, you should tell me who the father is so I can beat the hell out of him. And then...we'll do whatever you want. Hell, I'll even marry you if that's what you want. Lex, I love you so much."

I looked at her expectantly. She had a look on her face that consisted of amusement and confusion.

"Please say something." I held her hand and looked her in the eye.

"I. Have. Absolutely. No. Idea. What. You're. Talking. About."

"Lexie, it's okay...I saw the pills and the pregnancy tests. And now, you're crying and talking about being alone."

She stared at me for a few seconds and started laughing like crazy. Honestly, I was kind of taken aback. I let go of her hands and stepped back.

"I'm happy that my confession entertained you. You can-"

She stopped my rambling by crushing her lips to mine. I responded immediately. I cupped her face and pulled her closer. Her hands snaked around my neck. My tongue traced her lower lip and Lexie opened her mouth a little more, letting my tongue in. She let out a moan when I bit her lower lip. She groaned in frustration when I pulled away slowly.

I chuckled and took her hands in mine.

"Does this mean you accept my offer?"

"No." I frowned and studied her face. Her beautiful blue eyes, long brown hair that almost reached her waist and her lips just waiting for another kiss.

"Stop teasing me, Lex." She smiled but stayed silent. I could tell that she was checking me out. She started from my dirty blond hair and let her gaze drop to my green eyes. She stared at my lips for a while and then put her hands on my chest, tracing my abs.

"I am a virgin, Jake." I was shocked.

"You are? I mean you dated Colin for 2 years and I just assumed..."

"Well, yeah, we didn't." She looked down, shyly.

"You know no idea how happy I am right know. Wait.. what about the-"

She chuckled and looked at my eyes.

"The tests were for my sister. You know the one who is happily married? And the pills were for Tyler and me. For hang overs."

"Everything makes a lot more sense now." I chuckled lifted her chin so that our lips were closer. Our foreheads were touching when I pulled away.

"Why were you crying?" She sighed.

"I went to a party last night. With Matt. He took me out to movies before the party. I thought it was a date. Apparently he didn't. I caught her kissing some girl at the party."

I clenched my fists.

"I'm going to kill that bastard. Lex, someone who chooses another girl over you is an idiot."

She smiled gratefully.

"It's okay, Jake. I didn't even like him. It's hurts even if that's the situation. Oh - and for the record, I spent the night at Julie's." She smirked.

"Okay." I smiled.


We stared at each other for a while before our lips met. The kiss was hot, passionate. I was hungry for more. My arms were around her waist and I pulled her closer so that we were pressed up against each other. She smiled against my lips.

I don't know how long we stood there, making out. But when we stopped, our lips were pink and swollen. She smiled, breathing heavily.

"I love you, Jake."

"Do you know how long I've waited for you to say that?"

"Not as long as me." She said, surprising me. I smiled and pulled her into my embrace.

"So, you'll marry me, huh?" She chuckled when I glared at her.

"Shut up, Lex."

"Make me." She whispered with a husky voice.

I grinned before kissing her. Her hands were around my neck and my arms tightened around her waist. I pulled away slowly.


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