The Poppies Grow
by Siobhan Grenfell.

In Flanders Fields, the poppies grow,

Neat white crosses, row on row.

The many graves that can be seen,

Is a reminder of what once had been.

Beneath the ground is filled with dead,

Disturbing images run through my head.

This isn't how they used to be,

They lost their lives so we are free.

Though those brave men are at rest,

We'll never forget Britain's best.

They fought and died to keep us free,

We're ever grateful, you and me.

love it? hate it? let me know. i wrote this back in primary six for a remembrance day poetry reading contest and i won first prize :D i know it's not very good, but considering i wrote it when i was nine or ten.. :3 i know the first line is from an original poem, but as i said, i done it when i was in primary school and we were given a starter base. leave a review telling me what you think please :) -S x