Hey guys, this is my first story, I don't write much and this is my first proper story, please be nice, review it so I know whether I should post more and constructive criticism will be welcomed with open arms :) ENJOY!


James sat there in the car. He didn't want to be there. He was coming back from France. He hated his parent's car, it was bright red and he never wanted to be seen in it, he slumped down in his seat, hoping nobody he knew would see him.

"Mom?" James asked

"Yes, honey?" His mother turned around.

Jane Hawk, passionate lover and devoted mother, she had it all, she was beautiful, had a wonderful personality, liked by everyone and had a lot of money, what else could you want in a woman?

"When are we getting home?"

"It's gonna be a while, you should get some sleep you look really tired…"

James felt his eyes slowly closing; he didn't feel like he was in the bright red, breaking down monster his parents called a car, he felt peaceful and he drifted off into a deep slumber into his lazy dreams.

20 minutes later…

Derek Hawk, James' dad was frightened, his pupils dilated, his hands started sweating, his lip quivering, he saw the obstacle in the road but when he pressed the breaks, nothing. The car sped at 50mph and showed no signs of slowing; it went closer and closer to the obstacle until BANG! The bomb went off, there were screams and shouts, James woke up with a start, he saw the car engulfed in flames and realised he had been blasted up a hill, covered in cuts and bruises he tried to get closer to the car but he couldn't move, his legs wouldn't allow him. Another explosion and then, silence.

Sorry it's so short but as I said it's my first story and I want to know whether I should carry on or not(; Don't forget to review!