The room shut tight. James looked around, water filled the room and it was rising rapidly, he saw no way out, all the windows were locked, the doors were made out of metal, surely that had to be some way to drown the water out once it ended. He desperately searched but it was to no avail, he turned to Lycoris with a desperate look on his face and could see that she was frantically looked around the room, also trying to find some means of escape, he looked at the ceiling and on the wall, quite high up, he found a grate for an air vent, he turned to her and pointed towards it. They both swam towards it, treading water as James tried to reach it and pull it off. When it was obvious he couldn't do it, Lycoris, who was taller than James swam towards it, grabbed it and, using all her might, pulled the grate off. She helped James up and then started crawling through it quickly, hopefully letting water come through would flush out the whole ship.

After crawling through the ventilation system and getting to the other end of the ship, Lycoris kicked through the grate which hit a guard below it, the other guard lifted his gun and was met by a boot in the face, he fell to the floor. The other guard got back up and swept his leg, tripping Lycoris and making her fall. He was about to shoot her when James grabbed him from behind and made him point his own gun to his head, he kicked him at the back of the knees, making him fall down onto them and pushed down onto his pressure points, knocking him out temporarily. He grabbed Lycoris' arm and ran with her to one of the hovercrafts that they used to attack their enemies.

Jumping into one, James passed his helmet to Lycoris and they tried to work out the controls, they managed to get the doors to open and fly out when no sooner they were heading straight for the ground, James was frantically pressing buttons, trying to stop it or eject them from the nightmare.

"James! It's this button!" Lyoris shouted pointing to a button, not quite reaching it. James pushed it and no sooner were he and Lycoris floating through the sky in a parachute attached to a chair, landing with a soft thud on the moist grass.

James reached for his earpiece "Zak?"

Zak, sick with worry, quickly replied "James! James! What happened?"

"Where are you?"

"Up on the hill right in front of you. Here." He said and quickly showed the ship's location, making sure not to show the Tropaz.

James came on with Lycoris cautiously walking behind. When they got in she punched him in the stomach and pushed him against the wall "Okay, who the hell are you and why have you kidnapped me?"

James' voice was strained because of the force of her punch "Gimme a break, I just saved your life!"

"Don't give me that! You just took me from my home while I was sleeping, got me kidnapped by some crazed freaks who wanted to perform some surgery on me, and, for the record, I saved you."

"What? No you didn't! Without me you'd be dead!"

"I'm the one who pulled the grate!"

"If the water would have rose more I'd have been the one to pull it!"

"Ugh, I hate you already." Lycoris quickly turned threatening "Tell. Me. Why. I'm. Here."

"Zak? Why don't you do the honours?"

Zak walked through the ship, picked up the bickering pair, and threw them onto two chairs, which instantly moulded to their shape; making Lycoris scream.

"Calm down. Okay, those crazed freaks? They're called the Tropaz and they're aliens. I am also an alien. But I'm a different race."

"Enough with the jokes please." Lycoris said, unamused.

"Do I seriously have to show you?"

"Amuse me"

As soon as she had finished talking she regretted it, Zak's skin started to flake off of his body. Her face turned pale as she saw the yellow skin pertruding through his seemingly human body, his hands grew into long spindly claws, and his face split and another pushed through, with no distinguishable features. Just eyes and a mouth implanted into a yellow shape. She felt sick and turned away quickly

"Probably not the best of my ideas..." Zak said and quickly morphed back "Anyway, will you listen now? WITHOUT interrupting?"

Lycoris, feeling disgusted and scared simply nodded timidly.

"Good." He smiled sweetly "Now, the Tropaz want to perform surgery on you, as you know. They're trying to extract a part from your brain. This part is part of a blueprint to a bomb. You, James, and some other child on Earth has the three parts of the blueprint inside your brains."

"Inside of us?" Lycoris tapped her head "But.. I thought I was normal..." She said, disheartened

"No, you're perfectly normal. We inserted it into your brains when you were babies. It's our fault. We thought you'd be safe. But now the Tropaz have found out that you have the parts of the blueprint and they want them. We suspect they're trying to blow up our planet, Zarvackia."

"So.. The Tropaz are the bad guys who want you to kill you, and you're the perfectly innocent good guys?" Lycoris said, then her tone changed "But what you forget to mention is that you could have stopped all of this by NOT INSERTING BLUEPRINTS INTO OUR BRAINS!"

Zak sighed "Lycoris, please, calm down. I'm not saying we're the best role models, and I'm not saying we're innocent, we're very bad people for doing what we did. However, it was either put them on somewhere where the Tropaz wouldn't expect - Earth - Or have our planet blew up. Which one would you prefer?"

"I guess... I'm still not happy though."

"Understandable. Get some rest. We'll get food later and then, it's on to Piece 3."