:: Destined ::

Destined for heartache,
Destined for pain,
Destined for darkness,
Where insanity reigns.

I'm destined for life,
And I'm destined for death,
Destined for the day
That I'll breath my last breath.

And I'm destined for love,
As I'm destined for hate,
Also destined for a despair,
Only I can create.

Always destined for darkness,
Destined for night,
Destined to lose,
My childhood light.

And I'm destined to be,
Destined for what I'll become,
Destined for a life,
I can't escape from.

Destined for a future,
Destined for destiny,
I'm destined for a destination
Even I cannot see.

And I'm destined for hope,
As I'm destined for dreams,
I'm destined to discover,
Things aren't always what they seem.

I'll be destined to live,
As I'm destined to be,
Destined for a life,
Of my own destiny.