A/N: Hey guys, hope you enjoy this one! I'm thinking about making a whole series of these, going through each of the deadly sins. This story is based upon this picture that I found on deviantArt: http :/ tchaikovskycf. deviantart. com/gallery /955867#/ d145dp3 (remove the spaces).


The Bishop moves forward cautiously, drawing nearer to the coveted spot in check with the King. Closer, and closer-so close, it never noticed the King's Horsemen approaching from both sides.

It made the move.

The Bishop is close now; impossibly close to ending this Godforsaken game. The final move is about to played, the game about to come to an end. One more move and then- the Horsemen overtakes the Bishop before it can react. In an instant the Bishop is broken, lying on the ground in a mix of glass and blood from the Master.

The King moves forward cautiously, drawing nearer to the Bishop, using the same stealth method the Bishop had tried to use only moments before. It stands strong and tall above the Cloudy Bishop, no mercy granted to the enemy of this game. Its Horsemen stand proudly, enthusiastic of the mess they have made of the enemy. The end was indeed here as the Bishop had foreseen; though not of the outcome the Bishop had hoped.