Beauty and the assassin

Chapter 1: The past

Ashley's pov

My name is Ashley Rose. I am 20 years old. I have curly blond hair, bright green eyes, a nice curvy lips and a smile that make most men faint. I stand a five foot eleven inches. I am the tallest girl in my family. I have a twin sister named Natasha Rose. She looks exactly the same way I do. My current boyfriend is Daniel Alexander Knight aka Lucky Knight aka Legendary Knight. His brother, my first love and my only true love is Steven Falcon (Knight). I can remember the first time I meet him. I can't help but remember every detail, no matter how slight it was.

It started on November 11, 2006 on my tenth birthday. I remembered how the sunset was glowing its last red glow. I always loved the sunsets for i felt it was the most magical glow of the day. I sometimes think of the sun as my beauty. It is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. It was starting to get dark and my father Austin Rose called Natasha and me for the night. I had just noticed a little boy about two years younger than me standing out in the cold. My father called my name and asked "Ashley Rose where do you think you're going? It's dangerous to go out at this time of night. I ignored him and continued to follow the path to where the boy stood. He was shivering and his hands were blue. He was sneezing and coughing at the same time. He looked like he was in trouble. My father had come chasing after me. He stared at the young boy for a few minutes and the whole countryside. I glance at my father who stood at six feet tall, very handsome with his blond wavy hair and his light beard and mustache. I awaited a response from him.

My father finally asked the boy "What is your name, son?" The boy hesitated to answer. He finally answered with a one-word response. The boy said "Steven." My father asked "Steven what?" Steven slowly responded "Steven Falcon", my father responded by saying, "My name is Austin Rose and this is my daughter Ashley Rose." Steven responded slowly shivering "I'm c-c-c-cold m-m-may I s-stay in y-your h-house?" My father stared at him and said "You may come into our house son but do know you are dead if you are a thief or a robber." Steven shivering responded, "I-I-I'm n-n-n-not." My father said, "The house is this way." In my mind, I thought, "That's my father for you, one minute he threatens an eight year old kid and the next moment he invites him into our house to warm up." Steven reluctantly approached our house as if it was a deadly hell pit." He was still shivering from the cold and asked me "H-H-How w-w-w-warm i-is the h-h-house?" I responded with a very sarcastic remark "As hot as me and my father combined." Steven let out a laugh, which glistened his already bright blue eyes, which I had not noticed in the cold and saw as his beautiful pink lips curled into a smile. I finally stepped into the house with him.

I stared at our house with a newfound beauty. I started to notice the beauty in everything since Steven stepped into our house. He brightened up my life. I could help but get lost in his bright blue eyes. I even started to see my own beauty. I stared into the mirror and surveyed my own body. I stood at about five feet tall with my blond hair falling down my head. I saw my own bright green eyes, which looked like nothing compared to Steven's bright blue eyes. I started at my thin body and saw its beauty. I couldn't help but notice how well I looked and how I never noticed it. My father called me down for dinner and asked me "Ashley, can you check if Steven wants anything to eat and see if he warmed up. I walked into our only spared room and saw Steven lying on the bed staring at a picture. I asked him "Would you like anything to eat? It is time for dinner." Steven responded with a slight yes and got off the bed. I notice how he was about my height and was very thin. He has the staring bright blue eyes. He was wearing my father's old clothes. The pants fit him perfectly but the shirt was two sizes too big. I couldn't help but laugh at this. Steven asked, "What are you laughing?" I responded with a funny remark" "Well it's just the old shirt of my father's is two times big on you and you sort of look like a puppy trying to wear a shirt made for a full grown dog." He laughed at this remark and replied "I sort of feel like one." I asked him "What do you feel like?" He replied "Sort of like a lost puppy in the woods wearing a giant shirt." I couldn't help but laugh at that remark. I told him "Let's get down for dinner before my father gets worried."

We walked into the dining room just in time for dinner. Natasha told me "I thought you guys would never get here and I would be starving to death while our dad would be ignoring my own death." I responded with a sly remark of "You probably need about three weeks to die of hunger." Natasha responded by saying "Are you calling me fat?" I responded "No but I believe you have enough food in your stomach to last you three weeks." Natasha retorted back "At least I am not with eternal beauty like our father. Our father screamed "GIRLS, ENOUGH WE HAVE GUEST SO FOR ONCE LET'S ENJOY OUR MEAL." We both responded with "Yes, Daddy" and "Jinx you owe me a soda" We then both said "Double Jinxes" and then "Triple jinxes" and onward. Steven asked our dad "Mr. Rose how long can this go on for?" Our father responded, "First you can call me Austin and the longest time this last was three weeks."

Let's end this chapter here and next chapter will be from Steven's Pov from the beginning

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