Beauty and the assassin

Chapter 2: My past

Steven's pov

I guess the best place to start is to tell you my name and what I look like. My name is Steven Knight but since I was eight, I called myself Steven Falcon. I am 6 feet tall and I have bright blue eyes. My bright blue eyes are my most distinguished feature. I have short brown hair, have a slight mustache, and beard. I am an assassin. I am very well built due to that. I currently in a relationship with Natasha Rose but I always loved Ashley Rose. I forgot to tell you the best part, I am in an on and off coma.

I have to say the most interesting I learned about a coma is it is similar to death. You know when they say, "Your whole life flashes before you before you die." That is almost the same thing with a coma but it is different. My coma does not start like a movie with the day I was born and it never will. It always starts with the day my brother Daniel Alexander Knight vanishes before my eyes and I am left out in the cold wondering the countryside in the depth of night.

The very first thing I see from my coma is the start of the day. It was the day that everyone was busy and our mother sent us to this store. I could recall every detail. I remember my mother saying, "Daniel and Steven Knight since you're not busy can you go to the store for the family? Your father Adam and your uncles Jasper and Derek have to take care of business at their jobs. At the time, I had no clue that my father and uncles jobs were being super heroes. Daniel asked "What about Seth and Robert?" Our mother responded by saying "Daniel if you remember today is Seth's big day on the game show wheel of misfortune and Robert is at school now because he got detention for being insulting and sarcastic to the teacher." Daniel says, "Okay mom we'll go to the store for you." I almost forgot to describe Daniel at the time. He stood at about five feet tall. He had a pair of glowing red eyes. He was a vampire werewolf due to Robert and Uncle Derek biting and scratching him at the same time. He used to have green eyes. Daniel has wolf like ears and vampire fangs. Our mother handed us the list, which consist of eggs, bread and milk. Our mother told Daniel "Keep an eye on your brother." Daniel said, "Yes mother" and she told me "Steven makes sure you don't cause your brother trouble." I responded, "I won't mom." I always found it weird that little did I know that I would not return home that night.

I was walking the streets with Daniel and I felt normal for the first time in years. I am different from majority of my family. I was a shape shifter just like my Uncle Derek yet I was even different from him. I could shape shift into a humanoid form of every animal. It made it very hard to track or kill me. At the time, I stood at four foot nine and my hair was random spurting at random angles. I still had my bright blue eyes and I was built lanky. Daniel had stopped short. I stopped too but he yelled "STEVEN MOVE BEFORE YOU GET HURT." I darted towards the countryside's woods but I made the mistake of turning around. I saw Daniel be shot straight into the neck. I ran back but the body was gone. The police were already there. I screamed "WHAT HAPPENEDD TO DANIEL?" The police calmly responded, "He died son and what relation do you have to him. I released a shower of tears and said, "My name is Steven Knight." The police asked, "Where do you live?" I told them where i lived and we drove there. The police walked in, the house was completely bare, and the only thing left was a photo of our family and my stuffed wolf. I jogged up to the room and saw it was not empty. I grabbed my journal and everything I treasured and put in my new backpack. I went to check Daniel's room. It was mostly empty except for one thing. It was the picture of us together. I grabbed and go downstairs. The police were about to question me and I could sense it. I ran out the front door and into the woods.

The next thing I knew was that I was cold and I saw a girl walking towards me. She looked about Daniel's age. She had green eyes and she was beautiful. She radiated beauty. I then start to sneeze and cough at the same time. A man finally caught up with her. He was blond about six feet tall and had a light beard and mustache, blond wavy hair and green eyes. I except a response from him.

The man finally asked me "What is your name son?" It reminded me of mother whom I had no clue of where she was. It would appear to anyone that I was hesitating to answer and I said "Steven" The man asked me "Steven what?" I was scared of anyone asking that. I could not say Steven Knight for everyone knew the Knights so I responded "Steven Falcon." I responded this because I was scared of the truth. The man responded by saying, "My name is Austin Rose and this is my daughter Ashley Rose." I responded slowly shivering due to the cold "I'm c-c-c-cold m-m-may I s-stay in y-your h-house?" Austin Rose stared at me and said "You may come into our house son but do know you are dead if you are a thief or a robber." I was still shivering and responded, "I-I-I'm n-n-n-not." My father said, "The house is this way." I stared at the house in fear. I reluctantly approached their house as if it was a deadly hell pit." I was still shivering from the cold and asked Ashley "H-H-How w-w-w-warm i-is the h-h-house?" She responded with a very sarcastic remark "As hot as me and my father combined." I let out a laugh, which glistened my already bright blue eyes, and saw the warmth as I finally stepped into the house with her.

I stared at the house in awe. It was beautiful. It held beauty in every corner similar to Ashley's beauty. I asked Austin Rose "Do you have a shower?" He said, "Yes it is in the top right corner. I jumped into the shower and let the warmth take over me. Austin gave me some clothes and I felt like an oversized puppy in his shirt. I went into their spare room and accidently drifted to sleep.

The next thing I knew Ashley was at the door. She saw theta I was staring at the picture of Daniel and me. Ashley asked me "Would you like anything to eat? It is time for dinner." I responded with a slight yes and got off the bed. I notice how she was about my height and was very thin. She has the staring bright green eyes. She was staring at the clothes I was wearing. I asked, "What are you laughing?" She responded with a funny remark" "Well it's just the old shirt of my father's is two times big on you and you sort of look like a puppy trying to wear a shirt made for a full grown dog." I laughed at this remark and replied "I sort of feel like one." She asked me "What do you feel like?" I replied "Sort of like a lost puppy in the woods wearing a giant shirt." She couldn't help but laugh at that remark. She told me "Let's get down for dinner before my father gets worried."

We walked into the dining room just in time for dinner. A girl talked to Ashley "I thought you guys would never get here and I would be starving to death while our dad would be ignoring my own death." She responded with a sly remark of "You probably need about three weeks to die of hunger." The resgirl ponded by saying "Are you calling me fat?" Ashley responded "No but I believe you have enough food in your stomach to last you three weeks." The girl retorted back "At least I am not with eternal beauty like our father. Austin Rose screamed "GIRLS, ENOUGH WE HAVE GUEST SO FOR ONCE LET'S ENJOY OUR MEAL." I was wondering what the girl meant by be cursing with eternal beauty. They both responded with "Yes, Daddy" and "Jinx you owe me a soda" They then both said "Double Jinxes" and then "Triple jinxes" and onward. I asked our dad "Mr. Rose how long can this go on for?" Austin Rose responded, "First you can call me Austin and the longest time this last was three weeks." I sighed and ate the dinner while I watched them bicker.

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