Crosses, doves and poppies alike
Are all things we use as each year passes to remember the souls we have lost

The courageous,
The honest,
The ones who died because they cared too much.
But what do you remember?

Are you the soldier, stung by the combination of fear and hatred in your enemy's eyes?
Are you the one who watched close friends die every day on a barren battlefield for something the world doesn't yet possess?

Could you be the one who woke up in the hospital with more than one kind of pain in your chest?
Or are you the family member helplessly watching the news every day, struggling not to release the tears that are getting harder and harder to hold back?

Do you see a newborn child in your mind's eye, absently reaching for the hand of the parent who couldn't be there that fateful day?

Maybe you're looking out the window at a day as dismal and empty as the darkening sky, wondering when this will all be over.


Tell me, does love have to be but a puddle in comparison to the oceans of hate that cover our world?
Has forgiveness forever been thrown to the wind, anger and spite returning in its place?
Have we forgotten what we once stood for?


Whether we realize it or not, we can't let it end this way. We can't leave our children to live in the wake of destruction in a shadow of what the earth once was.

So this year, don't be afraid to shed a tear
Wear a poppy with pride
Make it clear
That you haven't
Not now, not ever
Forgotten to remember.

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