The Declaration

I was once in the wilderness, running lost

When He saved me, without me knowing the cost

He gave His son, and His blood was shed

A crown of thorns was put on his head

He was nailed, through his hands and feet, on that cross

That is why I can say "I count all things as loss"

For no one can compare with my King of kings

The Lord, the master, the creator of all things

He is my shepherd, and I am His sheep

All His plans, his promises He will keep

That is why I can run the faithful race

For He sustains me with His amazing grace

In His presence, I will always stay

For He is the Truth, the Life, and the Way

He reigns over me with His mighty hand

And on His rock, I will always stand

He is the Lord of the Earth and the heavens above

He chose to pour on me His everlasting love

The name of Jesus, I will declare and spread

For He can give life to a spirit that once was dead

I am not ashamed of His gospel that saved me

For it is only through Him that we can be free

On the cross he said, "It was finished, it was done!"

He loved us! That's why He gave His only son.