How Things Work

Being human is just part of life, things go on that you can't control at all, and then there is things that go your way all the time. Thankfully most things happen the way you want them to but not always. You see we live in a would that things could go wrong at anytime… anytime at all really! One day your life is the most perfict thing in the world, until something occurs that happens to be a pain in the neck. Life Is too importain to throw away though. You never just get it over with. Working hard is part of life… so is having hardships. But if you work have and forgive yourself and others you will prosper.

Everyone has a chance to make a difference in life. You just have got to be willing to make the change. I always tell everyone " Do not dwell in the past, when your future is only a step away."

I thank my lord for every moment he has in store for me and all the things I will do in life. I just hope I can please him with what I have done sofar and beond the time I have on earth. So don't take life for granted. That was not what it was ment for. No it was ment for you to enjoy yourself and to work at the things that make you happy in life. So stop reading this, and get a move on!