Aisha followed Felicity and Tammy through the maze of streets until they reached a large open square with a water fountain in the centre.

"How are we gonna find our way back out again?" Aisha asked. She looked over her shoulder but had no idea which way to go.

"The tour takes us round the streets and ends at that big pub on the main road. We don't have to find our way, they take us" replied Felicity. Aisha raised an eyebrow and perched on the edge of the fountain, she stared around at the gathered crowd and realized there were quite a few people there. She hadn't realized these Haunted Streets Tours were that popular.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to follow me we will begin the tour." Once again, Aisha followed Felicity and Tammy into the crowd. They walked down a small alley and then turned left into another square, this one held a slightly smaller but deeper fountain.

"Twenty quid says this one is a drowned lover" whispered Tammy. She folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the nearest wall.

"This is the Wailing Water Fountain. In 1864 that house behind us belonged to a preacher. He had a daughter that he wanted to protect from the wicked ways of the world and so he kept her locked in the basement. A farm boy broke in one night and tried to rescue her but the girl refused to go. The preacher found the boy, dragged him upstairs and threw him out of the upstairs window and into the fountain. The boy his head on the statue and drowned in the deep water. Sometimes, when the fountain starts, you can hear him wailing" said the Guide. The fountain suddenly burped to life and a few of the crowd jumped and then released nervous giggles. A long wail issued from the fountain, there were a few oohs and aahs from the gathered crowd but Tammy snorted and turned away.

"Air trapped in the pipes. And you owe me twenty quid" she said. Two more lefts and another right bought them into a very narrow lane with windows lining the high walls on both sides. They crowded into the limited space, smiling a little as they bumped into each other. Aisha looked up as a light flicked on above their heads; a woman stared down at them. Her face contracted in what might have been a growl before she moved away.

"What?" asked Felicity. She followed Aisha's gaze to the now empty window and frowned.

"Nosey neighbours" muttered Aisha. She linked her arm through Tammy's and turned her attention back to the Guide.

"In this narrow lane, twenty two people have died. The first twelve were victims of a woman named Annabelle Mercy and she didn't live up to her name. She lived above this street and was driven insane by the constant noises the prostitutes made below as they plied their trade at all hours." There were a few nervous titters and a couple of the younger guys ground their hips against their girlfriends only to be shoved away. Aisha began to join in the laughter but she stopped when she noticed a hooded figure emerging from a tall gate built into the wall.

"Every time she heard them down here, Annabelle would pick up her trusty kitchen knife and come down here. She'd wait until the men had gone before slitting the throat of the unfortunate prostitute. She caught eventually and hanged in the centre of London. Twenty years later, four people died from heart attacks as they headed through this passage. The last four were couples; the girls killed the guys before committing suicide. Some say they were possessed by the spirit of Annabelle Mercy."

The guide stopped and turned as the hooded figure tapped him on the shoulder, there was a sudden flash of steel and then he spun around. His hands were clutched to his throat but his fingers couldn't stop the steady stream of blood that was pouring through them.

"Oh my God!" screamed a woman. Tammy laughed and yelled that it was part of the tour but the Guide fell forward into a spreading pool of blood. The hooded figure stepped forward and swiped out with the knife, it caught a few people across the arms and chests. They all screamed and suddenly there was utter chaos. People were running in all directions and screaming. Aisha recognized the figure as the woman from the upstairs window. Someone suddenly slammed into her back and she fell forward, screaming as someone stamped on her hand.

"Aisha!" She looked up and saw Felicity and Tammy being carried away on the tide of people.

"Noise, all the time with the noise. Why do they have to stop right under my window every damn night?" Aisha looked up at the woman bearing down on her, she was still mumbling under her breath about the noise.

"Annabelle Mercy" whispered Aisha. She scrambled backwards and almost seemed to be trying to crawl backwards through the wall.

"No I'm not Annabelle, but I can see her point!" The woman raised the knife and bought it down, ignoring the screams from her victim.

"I just want a little peace, is that too much to ask?" she screamed.