Vodka and Handcuffs

Illumination is scarce and the noise from the horror film in the background is faint.

The Motocross Racer sits close and the Prisoner moves closer curling herself comfortably against him. Light from the screen catches onto the Prisoners handcuffs every once in a while forming a glint of light that always steals their attention. It creates so many ideas.

Everything's a stolen moment.

Every touch that she gives him.

Every graze of his fingers on her skin.

Every brush of her legs against his.

Every coy whisper.

Every glance.

Every smile.

Everything's stolen.

And very dangerous.

The bottles of gin and vodka and the cans of beer that litter the apartment are proof of that.

Light catches against the handcuffs as the Prisoner moves in closer. The Motocross Racer takes notice of the light, takes notice of the movement and his gaze is on hers in a flash.

One last moment stolen.

A silent idea.

Riddled with suggestion and deviance.

The Motocross Racer shifts in movement again. Keeping his gaze on hers, keeping his arm securely about her.

The handcuffs swing from the change in movement and again flickers with light.

There's too much suffocation here.

Too much excitement. If the Convict and the Racer are not careful the anxiety will eat them alive.

He smiles up at her.

But it takes her off guard.

It is a smile of regret.

And his gaze lowering is a sign of rejection.

The Motocross Racer declines the idea.

His tone of voice is apologetic but his gaze on hers comes with the realization that this is not repudiation.

It is simply a need to understand.

And she does.

Because she is not really a Prisoner and he is not really a Motocross Racer.

He is my boss and I am his employee.

And neither one of us is in a clear state of soberness.

Halloween can only pull you into charade for so long.

And we've stolen so much time already.

Time for reality.

I lean away only for a moment but your arm still wrapped around me tells me everything is still okay.

I think I like you even more than before.

I curl once again against you.

My handcuffs flicker again.

We pay it no mind.

It's only a delicious fantasy.


I don't know why but for some reason I didn't feel like adding this to 'Deep Breath Scream'. I wanted it to be a little drabble all of it's own. I really need to update it though.=/
I know it's late but I hope everyone else had an awesome Halloween!^-^

Hope you enjoyed!