The Accident

My life was boring. It was always the same boring yet happy things in my life. I wished things were more exciting I thought while my mother, Emily was driving us home from violin practice. That's when it all happened.

It was a blur, one minute were in the car and the next there was blood, shattered glass, screaming, and darkness. The blood wasn't mine, but hers. Emily was just holding me without a care in the world what happened to her. The glass had cut through her skin. I screamed for her to stay with me with tears dripping from my face. It was no use.

I called the police, afraid and scared to death. No, I was terrified. I loved her too much to let her go. Why? She was the person that took care of me, since I was abandoned by my father, who disappeared from our lives. I looked for the other driver, but saw nothing; it was like we were hit by an invisible force or creature. It was pitch black I couldn't see anything, till I saw the ambulance. At the hospital they instantly sent her into the operation room.

It was cold, no freezing, not just the hallway; my whole entire body felt cold as ice. Was cause of the air conditioner? Or fear of dying? Yes fear rose within my body including anxiousness. Was Emily okay? Will she make it? Those thoughts plagued my mind as a nurse tried to get my attention, "Hello? Miss? Are you alright?"

I looked up seeing a short 5'6 woman with glasses and blond hair, wearing a simple white nurse's outfit with a clipboard. My chestnut hair was in a messy ponytail as I answered her, "Yes? It's Katty."

"Would you like something to drink? I could get you something, if you want." She offered. I didn't notice it before; she had this sort of motherly feeling about her. Like a mother over her child. So I asked her if she had any kids or baby sited before this job as we were walking downstairs to the cafeteria. She laughed, "I would never have any kids even if I wanted too! I guess you could say I baby-sited if you mean a dog or two, but not kids. So would you like water or juice? I would give you soda, but we ran out."

"Juice is fine."

"Apple or orange?"

I paused for moment thinking. "Orange please."

I tried asking for her name, but instead she said "You'll find out later. Here you go."

The nurse handed me the juice in a carton as I thanked her. "I'm sure your mother will be fine" she said quietly watching me drink, and then I nodded in agreement. "Do you have anywhere to go?"

"I'll just go to a friend's house." I shrugged as she suggested that we play some cards. We played poker betting on the salty crackers that they sold for lunch, till we ran out of them. Then she placed another deck of cards, but this one was different. The deck was long and thick. Instead of the regular playing cards this one had fully colored pictures and words in a ribbon that starched out to the edges of the cards.

"Place the cards face down then, shuffle, next divide it into three stacks, repeat this twice and put them back together, hurry now. My time is almost up soon."

I didn't know what she meant by her time will be up soon, I guess her shift might be over soon. After that she picked out 2 cards from the top, middle, bottom of the deck. Then laid them out in front of me in a pyramid form and flipped one over from the left bottom, showing a happy family on a couch hugging each other. "This card represents your longing or in my language, desiderium. You wanted to have a happy fun life, no?" I nodded wondering if these were tarot cards, I've read about them, in novels, but never thought these would work. I stared at her in amazement. "Instead you had a lonely life there were bullies, no friends and heartbreaks, am I right?"

"Yeah my father vanished from our lives since I was little." I said gripping the edge of my shirt tightly. "He cared for Katty and your mother, but he could be with you and her."

"Why? Do you know him? Is he doing alright?"

The last question had surprised her due to the look on her face "Why would you want to know if your father was alright?" Most kids like you would despise their fathers."

"Oh that's because…..A long time ago when I was young my mother me about him how he treated so I guessed that he would treat me the same way, if I ever meet him."

"He was forbidden to have any contact with you, due to the pact."

"What pact?"

"Hm? Oh never mind, shall we move on?" she suggested before moving on to the next card.

"This is you present, the wilting rose means a death or an accident sometimes both," she looked at me "Depending on the person…kind."




She looked at the clock, it was midnight the moon was full and shining out brightly. "My time's up the moon is full; the door is open and you fate begins. Sorry I didn't give you a full reading. I'm Hecate, queen of all witches." She smiled then vanished into thin air. Like Hecate said my fate begun to move and more quickly than I had imaged.