Pen: Angelica... Time to wake up, my angel.

(A young girl slowly opened her eyes as her mother continued to call out)

Pen: Come on, up you get.

Angela: AM COMING!

(Angela called back as she got up and grabbed her dressing gown making her way to her Mother's room)

Angela: Sorry, I overslept.

(She walks over to her Mother's dressing table)

Pen: It's allowed.

(She poured some water from a jug into a glass then carries some tablets and the glass over to the bed)

Pen: You have a date today?

(Pen smiled towards her daughter)

Angela: I wouldn't call it a date. We're just going to spend some time together.

(Angela started to help her mother take her tablets when suddenly she was stopped by a hand gently placed on hers)

Pen: When I was your age, it was always classed as a date when a guy took you out.

Angela: Not when we have been going out for over a month. Now, take your tablets.

(Angela places the glass on her Mother's bedside table)

Pen: Thanks. Now, what are you going to wear for your date?

(Angela stares back at her Mother)

Pen: And, don't give me that look.

Angela: Will you be alright, while I'm gone?

Pen: Except, one thing I need, before you go anywhere.

(Angela thought for a moment)

Angela: Oh yes, you're breakfast. Be back in a moment.

(Angela walked out of her Mother's room)

Nat: Half an hour later, Angela left her Mother watching her favourite TV show. And, as she was about to step into the shower her mobile rang.

Angela: Hi, Kate.

Kate: Hi, Angie. How are you doing?

Angela: Me! Oh, I'm fine.

Kate: How about your mum?

Angela: Still the same.

Kate: She'll get better soon, it will just take time.

Angela: I hope so. So, are you at work?

Kate: Yeah, just got here. I was calling to see if you were coming out tonight?

Angela: Yes, I'm working.

Kate: Not all night, I hope.

Angela: No, just for an hour or so.

Kate: It's your day off, any plans?

Angela: Just meeting up with Chris.

Kate: I remember when he asked you out.

Angela: I've always fancied him, just didn't think he would ever ask me out.

Kate: You didn't even think he noticed you, in that way.

Angela: Well, he is much older than me.

Kate: Doesn't matter. Just as long as he remembers that himself.

Angela: Yes, he is always considerate of my feelings.

Kate: That's all that matters. How long have you two been going out now?

Angela: Just over a month.

Kate: Oh, yes. Your 17th.

Angela: Don't you remember... He tried to get my brother's permission, first.

(Kate starts giggling)

Kate: That's right. Well, enjoy your date.

(Angela takes a deep breath)

Angela: Why does everyone still call it a date?

Kate: Because he's taking you out.

Angela: I know that but…

Kate: Oh, stop complaining.

(Kate interrupted)

Kate: And, just enjoy. Got to go, see ya later.

(The phone line went dead)

Angela: Bye!

(Angela smiled to herself while putting her phone down and was about to finally step into the shower when her phone rang again)

Angela: Hello!

Work: Angela, is that you?

Angela: Yes, it is.

Work: It's Yvonne, here. Is there any chance you can come into work, today? We are really short-staffed.

Angela: What time would you like me to come in?

Work: As soon as possible... We're swamped.

Angela: I'll head in as soon as I can.

Work: Thanks. Could you stay till closing time?

Angela: Yes, I can.

Work: That's great. See you soon.

(Angela puts her phone down)

Pen: Angelica!

(Angela walks to her Mother's room and poked her head around the door)

Angela: Yes, mum.

Pen: You need to learn to say no.

(Angela grins at her mother)

Angela: No, to what?

Pen: You know what I mean.

Angela: We need the money.

Pen: And, you need to relax and enjoy yourself once in a while.

Angela: I will one day.

(Her mother glared back)

Angela: When you're better.

Pen: Now, you have to turn Chris down. Again.

Angela: Yes, I know. I just hope he understands.

Pen: One day he won't if you keep this up.

Angela: I'll just go and give Chris a call, then.

(Angela turns away from her Mother's room)

Pen: One day, you will listen to advice when it's given to you.

(Angela continues smiling to herself and then heads back to her room)

Chris: Oh, hi there. All ready for today are you?

(Angela's smile slowly disappeared)

Angela: I'm sorry. I have to cancel; I've been called into work.

Chris: I thought it was your day off.

Angela: It was supposed to be. There has been a change of plan; they're short-staffed.

Chris: Let me talk to Yvonne for you.

Angela: No, really it's fine.

Chris: Hey, I'm the overall boss. I say what happens at Sharpe Enterprises.

Angela: I know you do. But, I really could use the money.

Chris: I've already told you I could help you with that.

Angela: Please, no… I've rather deal with it myself.

Chris: O.K. If you insist. But, you know I'm here for you.

Angela: Yes, I do.

Chris: I had a lot planned for today.

Angela: I'll make it up to you later.

Chris: Are you still going to the club, then?

Angela: Yes, I've still got to help my brother out.

Chris: You are going to be shattered.

Angela: Nothing, I'm not used to.

Chris: But you won't have enough energy to dance with me later on.

Angela: I'll make sure I have... I'm not missing that.

Chris: I truly hope not.

Angela: Well, I must go. I'll see ya, later.

Chris: Let me know when you're ready. I'll come and meet you.

Angela: O.K. Cheers.

Chris: Bye, for now. Don't work too hard.

Angela: Try not to.

(Angela puts the phone down and gets ready for work Once she was ready she poked her head into her Mother's room)

Angela: O.K. I'm off to work. Is there anything you need before I go?

(Pen pulled her head out of her book and looked at her daughter)

Pen: Your head isn't screwed on today.

(Angela smiles)

Angela: What have I forgotten, now?

Pen: Just think for a moment.

(Pen reached out and touched the photo she had on the bedside table of a younger version of her daughter and another guy slightly older)

Angela: Oh, of course. Let me call the club.

(Angela started to pull her phone out her pocket)

Pen: They won't be open, love. Try his mobile.

Angela: I'll just nip in on the way past. They should be open, by then.

Pen: What time will you be home?

Angela: Won't be till late and then I'm at the club, later.

Pen: Yes, I know you are.

Angela: See ya later, mum.

Pen: See ya, my angel.

(Angela looks annoyed before a small smile appeared on her face before making her way out the flat)

Nat: Meanwhile, In town at the Social Club the person behind the bar was on the phone.

Ian: So, Sweetheart. Are you coming tonight?

Kate: Of course, I'm coming.

Ian: Good.

Kate: Are you working tonight?

Ian: No, Micheal is.

Kate: Do you know who else is coming?

Ian: The usual crowd from what I've heard. Chloe has an old friend she wants to show off.

Kate: You mean she wants to introduce that person.

Ian: Same thing. Oh, and I heard Angelica will be bringing this Chris with her.

Kate: You know Angela hates you calling her that

Ian: She could never hate me.

Kate: Just because you two dated, at one point.

(Ian starts looking distant)

Kate: It doesn't mean she will go easy on you.

(Ian slowly shook his head and refocused on what Kate was saying)

Ian: My Angelica... Sweet and Bubbly.

(Ian grins to himself)

Kate: She'll hit you, again.

Ian: That just means she's madly in love with me.

(Kate starts giggling)

Kate: Wait till I tell Angela, that one.

(Ian frowns)

Ian: No, please don't. She hits pretty hard for a girl.

Kate: It would serve you right.

Ian: Just trying to make you jealous... You're the only girl for me.

Kate: Sometimes, I wonder. Well, got to get back to work. Got some sweaty Men waiting for me?

Ian: Whatever rocks your boat?

Kate: See ya later, then.

Ian: See ya, my lovely Katie.

Kate: Ian...

(There was a sharp warning in Kate's voice before Ian quickly hangs up with a guilty look and slowly puts his mobile down)

Micheal: Boo...

(Ian jumps around quickly to find another guy leaning over his shoulder)

Ian: Don't do that.

Micheal: I couldn't resist.

(Micheal stands back up straight)

Micheal: You didn't even hear me come up behind you.

Ian: Not when you go sneaking around.

Micheal: Don't need to with you. Not when you're on the phone to Kate.

Ian: And, you shouldn't be listening.

Micheal: I wasn't listening. You always have to speak to someone when you're sitting around bored. And lately, that has been Kate.

Ian: When it's as dead as this…

(Ian made a wave of his arm around the bar area)

Ian: Who would blame me?

(Micheal followed Ian's arm)

Micheal: Give it time; you have only just opened up.

Ian: Well, hopefully, or I'll be falling asleep.

(Ian sat upon a stool)

Micheal: That's your fault... You were up all night watching that film.

Ian: Oh, yes... 'Living with the Dead'. That was a good film, you should have seen it.

Micheal: Whatever... What time did it finish?

Ian: Not till after 3.

Micheal: No wonder you're tired. At less, you were up in time to let the Betty in.

Ian: Just! I heard her banging on the door.

Micheal: Well if you didn't, you would have been cleaning, yourself.

(Ian stared right back with his mouth hanging open)

Ian: No way.

Micheal: Just make sure you are up or you will have to.

(Micheal starts to walk around the bar)

Ian: Where you are you off to?

(Micheal turned back to face Ian)

Micheal: Just going to re-fill the fridge... It's empty now after you raided it last night.

Ian: You have to have snacks with a midnight movie. Do you need some money?

Micheal: You can re-fill it next time… I won't be too long.

(Micheal turns to walk towards the main door as the door starts to open)

Micheal: Looks like your first customer.

(Angela walks in)

Micheal: Oh, hi, sis. Is everything alright?

Angela: Yeah, fine. Except, I've been called into work.

(Angela closes the door behind her)

Micheal: It's supposed to be your day off.

Angela: I know. I'm going to be a little late getting here. They want me for the rest of the day.

Micheal: Just get here as soon as you can.

Angela: Will you be able to keep an eye on mum, today?

Micheal: Sure don't worry about mum… I'll make sure she has everything she needs. Do you need a lift?

Angela: If you're going that way?

Micheal: Let's get going, then.

(Micheal starts to walk past Angela towards the door)

Angela: I just need to ask Ian something, first.

Micheal: I'll wait in the car for you.

(Micheal walks out as Angela made her way over to the bar)

Ian: Hello, Angelica. I was just talking about you.

(Ian jumps down off the stool as Angela grins back)

Angela: Were you, now? And, you know what will happen if you continue calling me that.

Ian: Yeah, yeah, I know. So, what can I get you? An Orange.

Angela: No, thanks. I'm on my way to work. Could you give Kate a message for me, please?

(Ian leans over the bar towards her)

Ian: What would that be?

Angela: I have to go to work and I'll be late getting here, tonight.

(Ian straightens back up)

Ian: Is that all? I thought you were going to tell me a deep, dark secret.

(Angela laughs a little)

Angela: You would be the last person I'd tell.

Ian: Me..? I love keeping secrets.

(Angela leans over the bar towards Ian)

Angela: You really want me to tell you something?

(Ian nods his head eagerly leaning back over towards her and they found themselves staring deeply into each other's eyes)

Angela: I think you are the worst liar, ever.

(Angela blinks her eyes a few times leaning back slightly)

Ian: That's why you love me so.

(Ian winks as Angela started laughing once again as she slowly stepped away from the bar)

Angela: You'll never change, will you?

Ian: You would only get bored if I did.

Angela: Is that, so?

(Ian straightens back up)

Ian: I'll pass on the message.

(Angela slowly shakes her head in amusement)

Angela: I'll see you, later.

(Angela turns around and starts to walk back to the entrance)

Ian: I'll be waiting for you, Angelica.

(Angela turns her head to glare back where she received another quick wink before turning back and walking towards the door as Ian stared after her with a longing look)

End of Scene One