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Chemistry Affair

Scene Twenty One

Nat: Lisa got into Mark's car as he got in the other side and started the engine.

Lisa: So where are we going?

Mark: No idea!

(Lisa looked at Mark as he stared to drive away)

Lisa: You must have some idea.

Mark: Is there somewhere you would like to go?

Lisa: I don't really mind, it's just nice to get away for a while.

(Lisa turned back to look through the windscreen)

Mark: Are you going to tell me what that was back there?

Lisa: What was what?

(Lisa began to look nervous)

Mark: Why were you crying?

Lisa: I wasn't crying!

Mark: Did you have a fall out with your mum?

Lisa: No, it's not that.

Mark: You can tell me Lisa.

Lisa: I kind of had a disagreement with Sarah.

Mark: What happened?

(Lisa looked back at Mark)

Lisa: Can we please not talk about it?

Mark: Would you like me to take you to Sarah's?

(Lisa looks confused)

Lisa: Why would you take me to Sarah's?

Mark: It sounds to me like you and Sarah need a heart to heart.

(Lisa looks down at her lap)

Lisa: Maybe you're right, but not today.

Mark: Are you sure?

Lisa: Yes, I just want to spend time with you.

Mark: O.K. Let's do this!

(Lisa looks back at Mark)

Lisa: Do what?

(Mark smiles)

Mark: How do you fancy going Skegness for the day?

(Lisa looks shocked)

Lisa: Skegness!

Mark: Yeah, we could get there by 2: pm.

Lisa: That will be a lot of driving for you.

Mark: I don't mind, it's as you say; it's nice to finally have time alone with you.

Lisa: That won't give us much time in Skegness.

Mark: We could go for some fish and chips, than head back.

Lisa: Are you serious?

Mark: Wouldn't you like to have fish and chips?

Lisa: We could easily get fish and chips here.

Mark: Skegness ones are better, don't you think?

Lisa: I won't argue with you on that one.

Mark: Let's do it then.

(Lisa smiles at Mark)

Lisa: You're the driver!

Mark: Right, off we go then!

Lisa: This is insane!

Mark: But fun, don't you think?

Lisa: Definitely!

(They both fell silent for a few minutes until Lisa thought of something)

Lisa: What time do you think we will get back about?

Mark: About 7: pm I think, depending on traffic.

Lisa: I better ring Lee.

Mark: Why?

Lisa: I'll have to ask Lee to get mum's tea ready.

Mark: Use my phone then.

(Mark grabbed his phone of the side and past it to Lisa)

Lisa: Thanks!

(Lisa started dialling the number and held the phone to her ear)

Tom: The Social club!

Lisa: Oh hi Tom!

Tom: Hi Lisa!

Lisa: Is my brother around?

Tom: Yes, he's upstairs!

Lisa: Can you get him for me please?

Tom: Sure, hang on a moment.

(The phone went quite for a minute or two)

Tom: He's just on his way.

Lisa: Thanks!

(They both went quite for a few seconds)

Tom: How are you Lisa?

Lisa: I'm fine, are you?

Tom: Yeah I'm fine.

Lisa: I suppose I should say sorry for last night.

Tom: It's I who should say sorry.

Lisa: Why should you be sorry?

Tom: I shouldn't put pressure on you.

Lisa: You weren't.

Tom: Yes I was.

Lisa: Anyway, can we forget it happened.

Tom: It already is!

Lisa: Friends again!

Tom: Of course… Oh here's Lee!

Lisa: Thanks Tom.

Lee: hi Lisa, is everything alright?

Lisa: Everything is fine.

Lee: Are you sure?

Lisa: Lee just let it go; I've just called to ask you if you'll get Mum's tea today?

Lee: Of course I can.

Lisa: Thanks Lee.

Lee: Going anywhere nice?

(Lisa smiles)

Lisa: Yes Mark is taking me to Skegness for fish and chips.

Lee: That's a long way to go for fish and chips.

Lisa: That's what I told him.

Lee: Well have fun anyway.

Lisa: Oh I'm sure we will.

Lee: Just don't let Mark lead you around the shops.

Lisa: And why not?

Lee: You know why not…. Once you get started, there's no stopping you.

Lisa: I'm not that bad.

Lee: That's true you're not! Not on your own you're not anyway.

Lisa: What's that supposed to me?

Lee: When you're shopping with Sarah and Emma you take all day.

Lisa: That's what shopping is all about.

Lee: I believe you... Not!

Lisa: At least I'm not stuck behind a bar.

Lee: I'm not either, Tom's working!

Lisa: Yes, but I'm off to Skegness for fish and chips.

Lee: Yes, you said that already.

Lisa: And you're not.

Lee: No I'm not!

Lisa: Well I'll leave you to your club. Bye for now!

Lee: Yes see ya Lisa.

(Lisa past the phone back to Mark)

Mark: Everything sorted?

Lisa: Yep!

Mark: Good! Skegness, here we come.

End of Scene Twenty One

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