A Chemistry Affair

Scene Twenty Two

Nat: Later on that evening Lee and Tom were sat in the corner of the club talking about business when Emma and Ben walked over to them.

Tom: Looks like we're going to have to open both these rooms or we not going to have enough room in the main hall alone.

Lee: True, but that's something we can sort out on the night. We have the sound and the lighting to sort out.

Emma: Business is it?

(Lee and Tom turn to look at Emma and Ben)

Lee: As always! How are you both?

Emma: Oh we're fine.

(Emma looks at Ben and wraps her arm around his arm)

Tom: Hey Em!

(Emma smiles at Tom)

Emma: Hey T!

Ben: Nicknames, now is it?

Lee: They get like this sometimes.

(Emma looks at Ben)

Emma: Oh Tom and I go way back; we went to primary school together.

Tom: Oh don't remind me!

Ben: Oh do tell!

(Ben sits down next to Lee and looks up at Emma)

Emma: Oh alright then.

(Emma sits down next Ben and looks at Tom)

Emma: We should we start? Oh yes I know where!

Nat: Meanwhile Lisa and Mark walk into the club and over to the bar.

Mark: What time do you start tomorrow?

Lisa: I start at 9.

(Lisa sits down on one of the bar stools)

Mark: You don't mind if I at least have one or two before I take you home?

(Mark leans on the bar towards Lisa)

Lisa: Of course not.

(Lisa smiles at Mark)

Lisa: I think you have earned it after all those miles.

(The barmaid walked over to them and Mark turns to face her)

Mark: I'll have a pint of larger and coke please.

Lisa: Hi Annie!

(Annie looks at Lisa)

Annie: Oh hi Lisa!

(Annie starts to pour the drinks)

Lisa: Long time no see, how have you been?

Annie: Not too good, but I'm fine now.

(Lisa smiles at Annie)

Lisa: I have certainly missed you around here.

Annie: It's good to be missed!

Lisa: Oh, this is Mark by the way.

(Lisa placed her hand on Mark's shoulder)

Lisa: Mark this is Annie.

Annie: Nice to meet you.

Mark: Yes, I've seen you in here a few times, but not much I haven't.

(Annie walked over with the drinks)

Annie: You won't see much of me for a while longer. I'm only doing Sunday evenings until I'm fully better.

Lisa: It's just not the same without you on a Friday night.

Annie: I'll back to Friday nights soon.

(Annie looks at Mark)

Annie: That's 3.60 please.

(Mark hands over a tenner)

Mark: Get one for yourself as well.

Annie: I'm fine thank you.

(Annie walks over to the till and Mark leans closer to Lisa)

Mark: So what is wrong with her?

Lisa: I have no idea, my brother wouldn't tell me.

Mark: Maybe she doesn't want it spread around.

Lisa: I wouldn't blame her.

(Lisa starts to look around the club as Annie walked back over)

Annie: That's 6.40!

(Annie hands the change to Mark)

Mark: Thanks!

(Mark looks at Lisa)

Mark: Lisa!

(Lisa turns back to look at Mark)

Mark: I'm just going to the men's room.

Lisa: O.K.

(Mark walks away from Lisa and Annie walks back over to her)

Annie: Are you and Mark going out together?

(Lisa smiles at Annie)

Lisa: Yes we are!

Annie: Well he seems to be a very nice guy.

Lisa: Yes he sure is!

Annie: Well I'm very happy for you Lisa.

Lisa: Thanks Annie!

Annie: Well catch you later.

Lisa: Yes, later!

(Annie walks away and Lisa picks up her and Mark's drink and heads over to were her friends are)

Emma: Well we must go, see you both soon.

(Emma and Ben get up)

Tom: See ya Em!

(Tom gives Emma a little wave)

Emma: Bye T!

(Emma gives one short wave)

Lee: See you now.

Ben: See you both soon I'm sure.

Tom: Yeah see ya Ben.

(Emma and Ben start to walk away as they see Lisa walking towards them)

Lisa: Leaving already!

Emma: There you are… I've been trying to contact you all day.

Lisa: Sorry I went to out with Mark.

Emma: I was worried about you.

(Lisa smiled at Emma)

Lisa: I'm fine Emma!

Emma: Well, are you going to tell me what that was all about last night?

Lisa: I'm not sure.

(Lisa placed the drinks down on the table beside her)

Lisa: I'm just got so much going on at the moment…

(Emma smiles at Lisa)

Emma: I know you're under a lot of stress at the moment.

(Emma placed her hand on Lisa's shoulder)

Emma: But just remember I'm here for you; if you want to talk.

(Emma wraps her arms around Lisa and pulled her into a hug)

Lisa: I know you are.

(Lisa hugs Emma back and looks at Ben)

Lisa: Hi Ben!

Ben: Hi Lisa!

(Emma takes a couple of steps back and smiles at Lisa)

Emma: Just remember that.

Lisa: I will!

Emma: Well we can't stop; I've got to up early for work tomorrow.

Lisa: Yes I'll see you in the morning.

Emma: What time are you in tomorrow?

Lisa: I'm in at 9.

Emma: How lucky are you? I have to be there at 7; to open up.

Lisa: Way too early for me.

Emma: You never have been a morning person.

Lisa: And I never want to be!

Emma: Well see you in the morning then.

Lisa: Yeah see you then. Bye Ben

Ben: See ya Lisa.

(Emma and Ben walk away and Lisa picks up her drinks again and heads over to her brother and Tom)

Lisa: Are you having a private conversation or can I join you?

Lee: Of course sit down.

(Lisa sits down next to Lee)

Tom: Hi Lisa!

(Lisa looks over at Tom)

Lisa: Hi Tom!

Lee: So where did you leave Mark?

Mark: I'm right here!

(Everyone looks up at Mark)

Mark: Hi Lee, Hi Tom!

(Mark sits down next to Lisa)

Lee: So did Lisa wear you out?

Tom: Sarah always wears me out I'm I going into town with her.

Mark: No, It was a lovely day.

(Mark looks at Lisa)

Mark: One I won't ever forget.

(Mark leans his forehead against Lisa's)

Mark: I hope we have many more to come.

(Mark smiles and Lisa smiles back)

Lisa: I do too!

(Mark gives Lisa a peck on the lips)

Lee: You two certainly look cute together, don't you agree Tom?

Tom: Yeah I do!

(Lisa looks over to smile at Lee and she caught Tom giving her that look that he did Friday night. Lisa quickly looked back at Lee)

Lisa: I see Annie is back to work.

(Lee looks over at the bar area and back to Lisa again)

Lee: Bless her! She has been through so much.

Lisa: What was wrong with her?

Lee: All I know is she had a serious illness which kept her in hospital.

Tom: She is slowly getting better now it seems.

Lisa: That's good to hear.

(Lisa slowly looked over at Tom and he still had that look in his eye)

Mark: I wonder what the illness was.

(Lisa turns to look at mark)

Lee: Annie doesn't seem to want to talk about it.

(Lisa looks back at Lee)

Lisa: I don't blame her.

(Lisa looks back at Tom who was just staring at her now with longing look on his face)

Lee: Not in public places anyway.

(Lisa continued to look at Tom)

Lee: So what was the weather like in Skegness?

Mark: Wasn't very warm, but at least it was dry.

(Lee looks at Lisa)

Lee: Didn't get chance to top up your tan then?

(Lisa continued to stare at Tom)

Lee: Lisa!

(Lisa looked at Lee)

Lisa: Yes!

Lee: What's up with you?

(Lee looked at Tom and then back to Lisa again)

Lisa: Sorry was in a world of my own then.

Lee: Were you tanning yourself in this world?

(Lisa looks confused)

Lisa: Why would I be tanning myself?

(Mark and Lee both start laughing)

Lee: Oh never mind!

(Lisa takes another look at Tom and then turns to look at Mark)

Lisa: What are you two going on about?

(Mark looks at Lisa)

Mark: Lee was asking about Skegness.

Lisa: Oh Skegness!

(Lisa looks back at Lee)

Lisa: What about Skegness?

End of Scene Twenty Two

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