A Chemistry Affair

Scene Twenty Four

Nat: Tom placed the glasses on the bar and turned around to face Lisa who was now walking towards him.

Lisa: Are you sure he didn't see anything?

(Lisa walked up beside Tom)

Lisa: You just look so worried.

(Tom smiles at Lisa)

Tom: Stop worrying Lisa!

Lisa: You're the one making me worried.

Tom: I'm just thinking of something else.

(Tom walks behind the bar and placed the glass under the counter)

Lisa: One minute you teasing me the next you're making me tensed.

(Lisa learns on the bar in front of Tom)

Tom: Well…..

(Tom leans forwards onto the bar and placed his face up close to Lisa's face)

Tom: ….. How can I make you less tensed?

Lisa: If you can turn back time…

(Lisa turns her back on Tom and leans back against the bar)

Lisa: … And you certainly can't do that.

Tom: You wanna bet!

(Lisa turns her head to see Tom walking back around the bar and stands in front of her)

Tom: I may not be able to turn back time…

(Tom steps up close to Lisa)

Tom: ….. But I could get you to re-live the past.

(Lisa reached her hands up and placed them the flat against Tom's chest)

Lisa: That is a bad idea!

(Tom smiles down at Lisa)

Tom: You might like it.

Lisa: It shouldn't have happened in the first place.

(Tom starts to grin at Lisa)

Tom: If I remember rightly, you were the first one to kiss me.

(Lisa looks down at their feet)

Tom: And the one who came to my room.

(Tom placed his hand under Lisa's chin and slowly lifted her face up so she was looking straight at him)

Tom: I missed you last night.

Lisa: No you didn't.

Tom: Yes I did.

(Tom moved his finger along Lisa's bottom lip)

Tom: I think you missed me too, didn't you?

(Lisa tries to shake her head)

Tom: You want this too. I know you do.

(Tom leans his face down towards Lisa and placed his lips against Lisa's lips and started to kiss her Lisa stood frozen but after a moment she responded and kissed him back just as Tom broke the kiss)

Lisa: Why did you stop?

(Tom placed his hands on Lisa's waist and lifted her up off her feet)

Lisa: Now what are you going to do?

(Tom pulled Lisa against and she wrapped her legs around his waist)

Lisa: This certainly brings back memories.

(Lisa smiled at Tom as he placed her down on one of the lower bar counters)

Lisa: Why am I sitting on here?

Tom: You ask too many questions.

(Lisa looks a little confused)

Tom: I want to be able to kiss you without getting neck ache.

(Tom placed his lips back against Lisa's lips and they kissed again)

Tom: Tell Mark you want…

(Tom continues to kiss Lisa)

Lisa: Tell Mark what?

(Lisa continues to kiss Tom back)

Tom: ….. That you want to stay here tonight!

Lisa: No I can't do that.

(Tom starts kissing Lisa around her neck and Lisa lifts her head up to let him)

Tom: Yes you can…. You know you want to!

Lisa: Oh Tom, that feels….

Mark: Thanks for that mate.

(Tom lifts Lisa off the bar and walked behind the bar and started messing around under the bar as Mark and Lee walk in)

Lee: No problem.

(Mark looks at Lisa)

Mark: Are you alright Lisa?

(Lisa looks at Mark)

Lisa: Why wouldn't I be?

Mark: Your face is all red.

Lisa: Is it….. Well, it is a little hot in here.

(Lisa noticed that Lee and Mark were staring at her and she turned to face Tom who was staring at her as well)

Lisa: What?

(Lisa looked back at Mark and Lee)

Lee: Lisa, it isn't that warm in here.

(Mark walked up closer to Lisa)

Mark: Are you coming down with something?

(Mark placed the back of his hand against Lisa's forehead)

Lisa: I'm fine!

Mark: What's that mark on your neck?

(Mark looks closer at Lisa's neck)

Lisa: What mark?

Mark: A bright red mark.

Lisa: No idea!

(Mark removes his hand)

Mark: Maybe the fresh air will help you cool down.

Lisa: Yes I'm sure that's all I need.

Mark: Come on then.

(Mark holds his arm out to Lisa and she wraps her hand it and Mark starts to lead her)

Mark: Catch you two, tomorrow.

Lee: See ya Mark, bye Lisa.

Tom: Lisa!

(Lisa turns to face Tom)

Tom: Don't forget your purse!

(Tom picks up Lisa's purse that is sitting on the bar)

Lisa: Of course.

(Lisa starts to walk back to the bar)

Lisa: Thanks Tom!

Lee: You would forget your own head if it wasn't screwed on.

(Tom hands Lisa her purse and stares at her for a moment and then let's go off the purse and Lisa slowly turns back around)

Mark: Ready!

Lisa: Yeah I'm ready.

(Lisa walks back over to Mark and then turns around to face Lee)

Lisa: Lee, could I stay here tonight?

Lee: If you want to.

(Lisa looks towards Tom who is smiling at her and then she turns back to face Mark)

Lisa: Mark, I think it would better if I stayed here tonight.

Mark: O.K.

Lisa: It's just my flat is right out your way.

Mark: I really don't mind walking you home, or you can stay here. It's up to you.

(Lisa turns around to face Lee and saw Tom slowly nodding his head at her)

Lisa: But mum!

Lee: If you want to stay here, I can see to mum in the morning.

Lisa: Are you sure? I mean I can easily go home instead?

Lee: It's up to Lisa.

(Lisa continued to glace at Tom over Lee's shoulder)

Lisa: I'll stay then.

(Lisa turns back to face Mark)

Lisa: It will be easier to get to work from here.

Mark: I'll see you Friday then.

(Mark leaned closer to Lisa and kissed her on her cheek)

Lisa: Yeah I'll see you then.

Mark: I'm off then. See ya Lee, Tom.

Lee: See you tomorrow.

Tom: See ya!

(Mark walked out and Lee locked the door behind him as Tom and Lisa continue to stare at each other)

Lee: Right are you two coming up.

(Lisa looks at Lee)

Lisa: Yes I have to be up early.

(Lee walks past Lisa and walks behind the bar)

Lee: Tom!

Tom: Yep, as I said I'm pretty tired to.

(Lisa followed Lee behind the bar)

Tom: After you, Lisa.

(Lee walks through the back and upstairs and Lisa follows him with Tom behind her)

Lee: Don't forget the alarm.

Tom: I know, I know!

(Lisa turns back to face Tom has he sets the alarm and then turns back to face Lisa and grins at her)

Tom: I want you!

(Lisa turns around quickly and continues up the stairs and Tom follows her)

End of scene Twenty Four

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