A Chemistry Affair

Scene Twenty Five

Nat: Tom follows Lisa up the stairs after he set the alarm.

Lee: Right, catch you two in the morning.

(Lee walks towards his bedroom door)

Lee: No change that…..

(Lee turns back to face Tom)

Lee: …I'll see you about noon.

(Tom grins at Lee)

Tom: Very funny!

(Lee looks at Lisa)

Lee: And he thinks I'm joking!

Tom: Well I'm going to bed and I'm sure you are too Lisa.

(Lisa looks at Tom and then to Lee)

Lisa: Yes an early start tomorrow.

Lee: Do you need me to wake you Lisa?

Lisa: No I have my own alarm on my phone.

(Lisa pulls her phone out of her pocket)

Lisa: Bathroom first, I think!

(Lisa puts her phone back in her pocket and walks over to the bathroom)

Lisa: Goodnight!

Lee: Goodnight Lisa!

Tom: Sleep well Lisa.

(Lisa walks into the bathroom)

Lee: Catch you sometime tomorrow; whatever time you decide to face the real world.

Tom: I never face the real world.

Lee: It's a wonder why you wake up at all.

Tom: You would soon miss my humour if I didn't.

Lee: I wouldn't be so sure on that if I was you.

(Lee grins at Tom and walks into this bedroom)

Tom: Goodnight early bird!

(Tom looks over at the bathroom door then he walks into his bedroom)

Nat: A few minutes later Lisa walks out the bathroom and looks at Tom's bedroom door and then at Lee's bedroom door. Then she slowly walks over to Tom's bedroom door and gently places her hand on the door handle and just stood there for a moment then she slowly removed her hand and turned around and started to make her to the spare room when Tom's bedroom door opens. Lisa turns around to found Tom standing in the doorway staring at her.

(Tom whispers towards Lisa)

Tom: Come here!

(Lisa just stood there staring back at Tom and Tom slowly made his way towards her)

Tom: Where do you think you're going?

(Tom stands in front of Lisa and places his hands on each of Lisa's shoulders)

Tom: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue!

(Lisa smiles up at Tom)

Lisa: Just thought, I'd let you come to me this time.

(Tom smiles back down at Lisa)

Tom: Liar! You were going to chicken out!

Lisa: I think we should this time.

(Tom smiles at Lisa)

Tom: If that was what you wanted you would have let Mark walk you home.

(Lisa looks down at their feet)

Tom: Lisa!

(Tom placed his hand under Lisa's chin and lifted her face back up)

Tom: I won't force you!

(Tom rubbed his finger along Lisa's chin)

Tom: But I think you want this as much as I do.

(Tom rubbed his finger along Lisa's bottom lip)

Tom: I'm I right?

(Lisa slowly nodded her head)

Tom: Shall we head to my room.

(Lisa nodded her head again and Tom slid his other hand down Lisa's arm and took hold of her hand)

Tom: I will say I missed that nightie you had on the other night.

Lisa: If I hadn't worn that nightie, maybe all this wouldn't have happened.

Tom: I think it was more than that nightie that started this.

(Tom leaned his face closer to Lisa and gently kissed her on the lips)

Lisa: This still shouldn't have started in the first place.

Tom: Everything happens for a reason Lisa. The question now is; which way do you want to go?

(Lisa looks confused)

Lisa: What do you mean?

Tom: Left or Right!

(Tom looks towards his bedroom room)

Tom: My room, where we can continue our fun or…..

(Tom looks towards the spare room)

Tom: Or the room you use; where you can be all on your own.

(Tom looks back at Lisa)

Tom: So which way?

(Lisa smiles at Tom)

Lisa: Well when you put it that way…..

(Lisa reaches her hands up to Tom's shoulders and wrapped them around his neck)

Lisa: ... How can any girl resist?

(Tom smiles back at Lisa)

Tom: My room it is then!

(Tom takes hold of Lisa's arms and moves them away from his neck and took a step back)

Lisa: I didn't say your room.

(Tom looks confused)

Tom: But you just said you couldn't resist me.

Lisa: I said how can any girl resist when you put it that way? I didn't say which room.

Tom: So you want to be all on your own tonight?

Lisa: What do you think?

(Lisa places hers hands around Tom's neck again and pressed herself up against him)

Lisa: Well I can certainly tell what you want me to do.

(Tom wraps his arms around Lisa's waist)

Tom: Tease!

Lisa: Don't you think we should take this into your room?

Tom: You're the one who has been holding back.

Lisa: Well in that case you better get me into your room before I start holding back again.

Tom: Mmm! I do like it when you are this way.

(Tom leans down and places his lips against Lisa's lips and they both kissed)

Tom: Right this way!

(Tom holds his arm out in front of him and leads Lisa towards his room)

Tom: I still think this would have been better if you were wearing that nightie.

(They both walked into Tom's room and he shuts the door behind then)

Lisa: What's the point?

(Lisa turns around to face Tom)

Lisa: You will have all my clothes off within five minutes anyway.

(Tom wraps both his arms around Lisa's waist again and pulled her back against him)

Tom: That is very true, but it still would have been nice to see you in it again.

Lisa: Well forget about the nightie and think about what's underneath it.

Tom: Now you're talking!

(Tom leads Lisa over to his bed and they both sit down and continue kissing and Tom started to moves down to Lisa's neck)

Lisa: Tom, wait a minute!

(Tom leans his head back and looked at Lisa)

Lisa: I have to set my alarm on my phone…

(Lisa takes her phone out of her pocket)

Lisa: Before I forget!

(Lisa starts mucking about with her phone)

Tom: What time do you have to be up in the morning?

Lisa: 8: am!

Tom: That certainly is early!

(Lisa puts her phone on the table beside the bed and looks back at Tom)

Lisa: Yes, I have to be at work by 9: am.

(Tom placed his hand around the back of Lisa's neck)

Tom: Well in the case, we should get you into bed.

Lisa: What's taken you so long?

Tom: One way to sort that out.

(Tom places his lips against Lisa's lips again and they continued kissing and Tom laid Lisa backwards onto the pillow and he lay gently on top of her as they kept kissing quite passionate)

End of Scene Twenty Five

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