Wrongful love:

Have you ever drowned
in love?
Have you ever choked
on hate?
Have you ever thought of how it would affect me
if you left?
Or was she
the only thing on your mind?
Who do you prefer?
Do you really love her?
Is there even someone else
that keeps you warm at night?
Or is our relationship
built on hate?

The love was the first
to walk out the door.
But my sanity followed soon after
skidding across the floor
What you did, broke my spirit
It broke my heart
But I kept my cool
and stayed like a fool
In the lonely corners
I silently wept.

You filed the divorce
You took the house and car
But I supposed it could be worse
At least there was no domestic war

You ran off
With the skinny chick
And left me
Your life was heaven
until she came to her senses
and hit the road
with all your money

You had the nerve
to come crawling back
to my save haven
that I took so long to build
Begging for a place to stay
Drowning me in guilt

But you had your chance

I told you, you were crazy
after what you did you're lucky you're this close
You emitted a curse
and left my porch
But I suppose it could be worse

After that day
I gave it thought
And spoke my mind

I hope you'll think of me
and the love you left behind.
Because I promise you
it was the last love you'll ever find.