The Forgotten Melody

I thought I knew everyone in that little orchestra. The truth was I didn't. There was just one person I didn't know. I didn't even notice her until I left my violin there that one day. I was nearly out the building, ready to head back to the dorms when I realized that I forgotten my violin. As I approached the orchestra room, there came the melancholic music of the saddened cello. As far as I could tell, everyone had gone home, so who was still there? I stepped inside the room quietly and saw her there, playing her cello. Her eyes were closed and she swayed to and fro as she pulled the bow across the strings. Her long black hair was in her face, though it didn't seem to even faze her. She just played as if I were not even in the room.

From that moment, I was captivated by her. The girl whom I never seemed to notice moved me with the beautiful music she was playing on the cello. I continued to watch in silence, my heart becoming heavy from the melody of the strings. I don't know how long I stayed in that room listening to her play, nor did I want any of it to stop. Out of all my years of playing violin and listening to classical music, even music by professionals, I had never heard anything like the music she played. I was completely captivated by her music, but soon found that her solo symphony was over. The music stopped and she opened her eyes, eyes the color of the deep blue ocean. She was staring straight at me with a gentle smile.

Without a word she got up and set the cello in its case and left. I had forgotten why I had come in there in the first place, but I had to find out who she was. I followed her out, close behind and caught her at the door. "Let me get that for you." I said as I opened the door. It was probably hard for her to get through with her cello. She gave another little smile to me as she passed by. It was like she didn't even notice me or want to acknowledge me. I guess I had deserved it, I probably hadn't noticed her for so long. I watched as she went and a shadowy figure appeared across the way, watching her as well. I'll admit the place where the little orchestra was wasn't exactly the best of neighborhoods. I caught up with her again and the figure faded back into the shadows. "Hey, um…Let me carry your cello for you and walk you home. I'm sure it must be heavy" I said. She gave that signature soft smile and accepted that offer.

I will never forget that night. We walked in the moonlit streets until she was back at the dorms, the furthest away from mine. When I got back to my dorm, I got into my bunk and just thought of that music. I couldn't remember any of it. It had disappeared from my mind. I didn't understand how I could forget such beautiful music. I tried to hum the tune until my roommate snapped at me and told me to get some sleep. Eventually I did, but I just could not remember the melody she had played.

For the next few months, I spent every night staying after with her and listening to her play. Every night I walked her home and we got around to talking. It wasn't anything serious, just talking: Life, school, music, and things like that. Eventually I gathered the courage to ask her something I grew even more curious about the more I listened to her play. "You're talented; you play music like no other person. You're the most amazing cellist I have ever heard. Yet, you sit in the last chair in the orchestra. I don't get it. You play so fluidly and beautifully yet you sit back and let these other people cover the beauty of your music. Why?" She laughed a laugh that was ever so innocent.

"One day, you'll understand." She replied. Every time I asked, that was always her reply. I can't count how many times I asked her, just which I asked her so many times and she gave the same reply over again. Every night I pondered her reply and tried to remember her music. I never could. I just fell asleep before the note would come to me. I never understood why I could never remember, and when I asked her, she just gave me the same reply for everything. Still, I continued to walk her home, and talk.

It had been nearly 6 months since I first heard her song and all I can remember that day was getting up and going to class. It was a bright day out and I remember seeing her. For once, she walked me to class. Even though orchestra wasn't until later in the evening, she had her cello with her. She walked me to class and we got around to talking some more. She even sat through class with me for a while. Then a man burst through the door and started screaming at us. Everyone around me was terrified, and I can even remember that I was terrified. She didn't even seem scared. She smiled that innocent smile and sat in a chair. The madman hadn't seemed to notice her. She proceeded to take out her cello and start to play.

I begged her to stop and to get down for safety, but as I turned to the madman, then back to her, I saw her for what she truly was. I finally understood what she had meant and why I could never remember her music. At that moment in time, her music was even more beautiful than when we had first met. With a smile on my face, I closed my eyes and accepted everything that was to come. Everything seemed to fade from around me, yet her music played on forever.