A Seahorse Tale- Prolouge

"I'm sorry" Kenneth said looking sorrowfully at the man he was looking at, his heart reaching out to him. Rico reached out to his lover but Kenneth moved away, flinching as the tips of Rico's fingers brushed against him. There touch burned him. He didn't want it to end like this.

"Keni, I don't understand. Don't you love me any more?" Rico asked giving Kenneth a look which tore the man's heart more then it already was. Kenneth took another step back as Rico moved towards him.

"Rico, please don't make his harder then it has to be" begged Kenneth, glancing back at the clock tower. He only had so much time before... Rico grabbed his arms and he was pulled into a deep passionate kiss. He melted into it, wishing it never to end. When Rico let go of him, he was breathless

"Tell me that meant nothing to you!" Rico demanded, his eyes beginning to show anger as well as sadness. "Tell me that and I'll let you go!

"It meant nothing to me" Kenneth whispered, knowing Rico would hear the lie. He could never lie to Rico. The man had always seen though him. Every wall he had, every defence. Looking straight into him. One of the things which had made him fall in love with the man.

Rico laughed bitterly at the attempt. "You never could lie to me Keni"

"I'm sorry, but I have to go" Kenneth whispered, moving out from Rico's grip, but Rico tightened it, Kenneth could feel bruises forming.

"you're not leaving me without a reason Keni" hissed Rico, anger in his voice. Kenneth looked up at his lover's eye, tears filling his own. He went to speak but could only let out a sob. He blinked only to find himself looking at his lovers chest as strong arms pulled him into a tight hug, Rico kissing him on the head whispering "I'm sorry" over and over, having realised how much he was hurting the younger man.

Kenneth let out a sob, leaning into the embrace, wrapping his arms around Rico, knowing this would likely be the last time he was like this with his beloved. Mentally he cursed everything which had led up to this. Endotuer included. But couldn't help blame himself as well.

"I'm sorry, come one . Let's go home. Have a coffee and talk this over" Begged Rico, giving Kenneth a begging look, ready to get on his knees and beg the man to stay with him. Kenneth opened his mouth to reply but was deafened out by the sound of the clock ringing behind him.

The blood in Kenneth's face drained away. he was late! He pulled away from Rico, "I'm sorry, I have to go" He said, beginning to run away from the man, into the alleyways. But before he could get far, Rico caught him by the arm.

"Please don't go" He begged.

Kenneth felt his heart shatter at the sight of his stronger lover crying and the begging look in his eyes. He pulled Rico close, for one kissed, only it was made bitter by the taste of the salty tears which were pouring from both of there faces.

"I love you Rico" He murmured onto the Rico's lips before running off into the night, already feeling the transformation taken place. He fell into a dark corner as it happened. His arms melding into his sides, his legs fusing together and curling. His mouth growing bigger and his skin changing into scales.

He whined softly, tears still falling despite his new form. The light reflected in the window. A sea horse now sobbing on the ground instead of a human man. He forced himself to float in the air, pressing himself in a gag in the wall as he heard footsteps running behind him. His name being called franticly. he closed his eyes wishing it would stop.

"Rico" A familiar voice cut into his mind. A voice which sent chills down his spine. "What are you doing here? So late as well. If you're not careful the tide will come in"

"I found Kenneth"

"I see, what happened?" The voice was kind, sounding almost considerate. However Kenneth heard the annoyed tone in it. His master wasn't pleased with him.

"He...He left me. Said he couldn't see me again" Rico's voice was one of shock, like it still hadn't quite hit him yet. "He said I won't see him again"

"I'm... sorry. I'm sure he has his reasons Rico. You'll see him again, I'm sure"

"I have a terrible feeling I won't. That man. He can't lie to be to save his life. The way he was saying goodbye, the look he had in his eyes. the look of someone who doesn't want to do something but has no choice..." Rico trailed off, before letting out a sob, "I think I may have lost him for good"

Hearing Rico sounding so broken and desperate made Kenneth sob harder. how he wished he could wake up and it would all be a bad dream. That he could run and hug the man close. But he couldn't. Rico couldn't learn the truth/

"I'm sorry to hear that Rico. Even so, it won't do you any good to kill yourself. Tide will be in soon. Go home, sleep. Maybe things cans still work out" A lie. his 'master' was good at those. The time had gone. He was stuck like this forever, there was noway he could go back to living him his lover. He was simply saying the thing you said to someone after a break up. Something about that hurt Kenneth

"I hope so. I was... God I was ready to give him my name" the sadness in those words made Kenneth's heart shatter. He fell to the ground, unable to keep up the will to float in the air. He wasn't sure he could take any more There was a sound of movement as his master comforted Rico.

"It'll work out" Endotuer murmured gently.

"Thanks You Endotuer, I'd better go. As you said tides soon"

"Good idea Rico" Endotuer said softly, Good night. Sleep well"

"I don't think I will somehow" Rico whispered, followed by the sounds of footsteps as Rico walked away from the mer. Endotuer remained, waiting until Rico was out of sight before turning to the alleyway where Kenneth was hiding.

"Kenneth, I know you're in here" He said, in a tone far more gently and soft then Kenneth had ever heard him use before. "I'm not angry Keni, just come over here please"

Maybe it was that soft tone which made him do it. Maybe it was the fact the Merman had used his real name instead of the pet name he usually referred to him as. Maybe he had been Endotuer's pet for too long to resit following his orders. Either way, he forced himself to move into the light so the Merman could see him.

Endotuers eyes were soft as he looked at Kenneth, seeing the human turned sea horse was barely floating. he opened his arms, a silent invitation, but one Kenneth couldn't help accept. he flew into them, sobbing into Endotuers shoulder, neighing softly in sadness. Endotuers arms came around him, picking him up and cradling him close.

"Shhush. let it out you silly thing. This is why I didn't want you seeing him" Endotuer murmured slight pain in his own voice. "I'm sorry Kenneth" He pulled the sea horse close to him and carried the distraught creature home. As Kenneth curled up into his master warmth he couldn't help but wonder how this happened? How had he lost the love of his life? how had he become a pet? Why with all that had happened, why couldn't he hate Endotuer?"