Kenneth woke up feeling oddly warm. The sort of feeling he usually only woke up with after having spent the night with someone. Given the effects over the past few days, this was definitely odd. He opened one eye to find himself in the arms of Ennitt, being used a cuddly toy. Kenneth looked around the room, before wriggling out of the man's grip.

'Endotuer?' He thought, hoping the man was nearby. He was a seahorse again so he was in no state to go and find the man.


'Why am I in bed with Ennitt?'

'I only have one spare bed and you were still in human form when you fell asleep' Endotuer said very neutral and calmly like it meant nothing. Kenneth frowned but accepted the answer. He remembered spending most of the evening being teased by Ennitt and play fighting. Ennitt seemed to take it in his stride that Kenneth was now a pet. Seemed to treat Kenneth mostly the same though despite this, well not quite the same. He was more childish towards Kenneth at the moment. Kenneth yelped as he was grabbed again and pulled back into a hug.

'is this normal?' Kenneth grumbled at the treatment, Ennitt nuzzling him in his sleep.

'Mostly. Seahorses are familiar so it isn't unusual for them to sleep with their master and their masters family' Endotuer commented calmly, mostly glad Kenneth wasn't paniking over this. He had originally planned to make Ennitt sleep on the sofa, but his nephew had swept Kenneth up, from where he had passes out on the sofa and went to bed. Endotuer would be worried that his nephew had feeling for his pet, ones which he did not approve off for many reasons, except the look Ennitt had given Kenneth was not one of lust or love. But of fondness. Ennitt viewed Kenneth as a friend.

'I sort of understand. Like how humans let dog or cats sleep with them in bed?'

'Exactly. Especially for cub as they are getting used to be outside of the incubator so they need some contact. Only reason you don't sleep with me is because I didn't want to push you too quickly'

'Thank you' Kenneth said darkly. There was no way on earth he was sleeping in the same bed as the the man who had done this to him. Sleeping beside a friend was one thing. His kidnapper was another. He struggled out of the hold again, this time accidentally rolling off the bed and landing on the floor. 'shit I need to stop doing that!" he groaned, whimpering in pain. At least he hadn't landed where he had been dropped.

"Keni!" Endotuer scolded as he walked into the room and scooped him up, leaving Ennitt to sleep. It was one of his days off so Endotuer wasn't about to wake him up over nothing. Endotuer rubbed Kenneth's scales lightly, bobbing him up and down lightly. He was only the size was a human two year old at the moment, but seahorse grew to be as big as humans sometimes. Kenneth felt himself slump ad he placed his head on Endotuer shoulder, closing his eyes and letting himself be comforted.

'Not my fault' He grumbled.

"Sooner you learn to float, the better. I do not want scars on that beautiful body was yours" cooed Endotuer, his words betraying his true reasons for his concern, "I want a champion!", Kenneth trembled slightly and whimpered in fear. "Sweetheart?" Endotuer asked, nuzzling Kenneth slightly.


"You do know about the races don't you?" Endotuer commented, ' And the pageants and awards? I'm a trainer for them. You my pet, once you are a bit older and eligible to enter, are competing'

Kenneth's blood ran cold. So this is was what Endotuer had planned for him. He was going to be turned into a show horse. Something to be carted around and shown to the world. He was going to be made a public display. Kenneth trembling worsened, as an old fear came over him. A fear of public speaking. Of performing. it had only been people coaching him with had let him get over it the first time.

"Hush" Endotuer soothed the scared seahorse, hearing and sensing all of his fears and concerns. "You had people coaching you back then, and I'll be coaching you now. You will do great" Endotuer pressed a kiss on to the side of Kenneth's head. "Trust me"

Kenneth still trembled but Endotuer ignored them. Every pup got scared about the idea of competing. Kenneth had the added fear that Endotuer was just doing his to spite him. That he would put the former human on the stage to embarrass and humiliate him like Kenneth had done to Endotuer in court. Even as this fear ran though Kenneth's mind, Endotuer was laughing at it.

"That would be nice, but no Keni, I'm not going to humiliate you. No. Putting you on a stage to perform and fail would be entertaining but while it would give me some" Endotuer looked for the right words there, "Personal satisfaction, it would only ruin my reputation. I have trained many champions in my time Kenneth. A lot of famous names have me in their trainer list and to be honest, while humiliation would be nice... I think it will be far much sweeter to train you to be a champion and have you, the man who refused to give the money which was rightfully mine, win under my name" Those words were said almost sickly sweet, terrifying Kenneth to the core. This was a man who would stop at literally nothing to get what he wanted.

'What if I don't become a champion'

Endotuer paused, smiling slightly and nuzzling Kenneth. That was a fear every pup in the world felt when they were being trained and their master was putting so much effort into them. A fear that every pup felt at some part in there lives. "You will" He murmured, "Even if you don't, I will love and cherish you for the rest of time. But don't give up before you have even started, you are still much to young to join the races. You still have another ten years before they will even consider letting you join in. You have all that time to train"

Somehow those words had two opposite effects happen on Kenneth at once. They have him great hope and reassurance but they also scared and frightened him. Endotuer was obsessed with him becoming a champion, but he was more obsessed with keeping Kenneth for the rest of Kenneth life, which only backed up the fact Kenneth had to get the kiss on the Friday night. Or else he would never get away.

"Now, Ennitt's still asleep and I have work, so lets go and visit the training grounds shall we?" Endotuer cooed, nuzzling him again before picking up a basket which reminded Kenneth of a baby casket.


"Now behave Keni" Endotuer said in a warning tone as he placed the now struggling seahorse into the casket. "Its the easiest way to get around while you can not float"

'It's humiliating'

"Behave if I will punish you and humiliate you more" growled Endotuer, tugging Kenneth into the blankets, resisting the urge to chuckle at the sight of Kenneth pouting. "There, that wasn't so hard was it?" He teased, tickling Kenneth lightly. Kenneth sulked, refusing to look at Endotuer, but the merman could feel in the indignation pouring off Kenneth.

'Hate you' Kenneth sulked.


Kenneth had always been aware of the races, but had never been to one himself and was at a lost as to what to expect. Many humans did go to them, especially humans born and raised in the water city, however Kenneth was an outsider. It wasn't that he disagreed with him or didn't find them entertaining. He had just never had time to go to one. There was always some form of work to do.

'I am beginning to think it is a very good thing I choose you Kenneth. Sounds like you were going to work yourself into an early grave' Endotuer commented.

Kenneth ignored him and went back to observing the seahorses training. Endotuer was instructing a class, training the horses how to keep their stamina Endotuer was an instructor for the grounds. A highly sort after and very well paid one. He only accepted horses he choice and it was very hard to get him to change his mind once he had made it. From what Kenneth had seen so far, and from what he had read in his research of the man, he was highly sort after for a very good reason. Endotuer was strict and expected the best. But he was not cruel either.

'Thank you'

'To them, not in general' Kenneth growled back, ignoring Endotuer grin of happiness as he finally managed to get the seahorse to say something. Endotuer walked over to where he had placed Kenneth and picked him up, nuzzling him gently. Kenneth still sulked but didn't struggle against the man. He couldn't help be notice some looks the seahorses gave him. Curious, and a few a little envious.

'When you are old enough I will be only doing a few classes and spending most of my time on you' Endotuer smiled, 'You may change your mind about me being cruel'

'You ripped me from my live because you lost your pet and I wouldn't let you have money. I was just doing my job and you pet died naturally' Kenneth growled, looking dark and grumpy. Though to the others looking at the two, he just looked adorable. Kenneth yelped in pain as Endotuer pinched him harshly on his fins.

'Enough!' Endotuer growled, 'You will learn your place soon enough I hope'

'You can hope all you want' Kenneth growled, 'I will never forgive you!'

'Maybe not, but I don't need your forgiveness' Endotuer commented his voice dark, an almost psychopathic edge to it, 'All I require is your obedience. I hope I gain this though you accepting your place once you are like this permanently. Otherwise, there are other ways I can use'

Kenneth's blood ran cold. He may not have seen the races, but he knew the ways people could use to train a disobedient pet to behave. Seahorses included. He would be helpless to stop them happening to him, and he could hope Endotuer wouldn't hurt him seriously, the Mer had already turned him into a seahorse. Just how far would he go?

Endotuer began cooing lightly, nuzzling his pet closely, feeling his fear and more importantly, his understanding. 'Now I think you need to rest a little, you have been awake a long time for a pup' he murmured, placing Kenneth back in the cradle. He kissed away the tears which had begun to form on Kenneth's eyes as Kenneth realized just how helpless he was. 'Don't worry Keni, I will treat you right' He promised, giving the seahorses head a stroke before covering the cradle with a blanket and leaving Kenneth to sleep.

Curling up in the blanket, Kenneth whimpered and let his tears fall. He wanted Rico so badly at the moment. He wanted to go home.