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Chapter 3

He followed Jackson to the mess hall where the same Generals were standing. They found a seat amongst a group of other soldiers and, when everyone was seated, the generals stood up and began,

"Good morning, gentlemen. As you know, we've been trying to locate Officer Lowery and Ms. Lowery and we've been unsuccessful. Until today. We received a phone call from a very frightened Ms. Lowery and she managed to tell us that her and her father have been on the move constantly. She said they usually stay in one place for about twenty-four hours. When she called, she had escaped to a bathroom and managed to phone us with her cell phone. She and Officer Lowery had just gotten to their location and this was almost an hour ago. We have twenty three hours to rescue them before they move again. Get your gear; you're being sent to Paris, France."

Within the hour, two squads, including Evan and Jackson's, were in a helicopter, heading to France. The plane ride lasted just over ten hours and the helicopter landed on top of one of the many buildings in the city. When they landed, Evan grabbed his along, along with the other twenty three soldiers, and put his earpiece in so he could hear his squad. They exited the helicopter and stood in shock at the scene before them.

Planes were shooting and fighting above them and Evan was amazed that they had been able to land so successfully. There were soldiers, both American and Russian, fighting each other on the ground and on top of buildings. They were only able to look at the scene for a few seconds before shots were fired in their direction. They all immediately ducked behind two air conditioner units. All they could hear were gunshots and his squad leader finally yelled,

"Men, we have to get off this building! Get your guns ready. Weapons free!"

Evan put his gun on top of the air conditioning unit and began firing with the other soldiers in the two squads. The shooting lasted for almost an hour before there was a break. Their squad leader yelled to descend in the building and Evan quickly followed the soldiers down the steps. They kept their weapons drawn, making sure that the building was free of enemy soldiers. When they cleared the building, their squad leader said,

"Alright, men, we have to get to the Monroe building down the block. I need the 42nd squad to go back to the roof and provide some cover and defense for the 51st. 51st, you'll be going in to the building and you'll be responsible for getting Officer Lowery and his daughter. We need to move, gentlemen."

Evan couldn't help but be a little disappointed that his squad wouldn't be the one to actually find and rescue Grace and Officer Lowery. Jackson looked at him and gave him a pat on the back,

"Don't worry, man; you're still a part of the rescue mission."

They made their way to the rooftop while the 51st walked out of the building. Evan grabbed his sniper rifle and adjusted his earpiece to make sure he could hear what was going on. He, along with his other squad members, got the 51st in his sights and followed them down the block. He heard them in his earpiece as they stopped at the entrance of the Monroe building. They planted a claymore and blew the door off of it's hinges. They entered the building with their weapons raised and he immediately saw, and heard, gunfire. Evan saw nothing through his sight and he heard one of the soldiers in the building yell, through his earpiece,


He then saw a huge explosion in the building. The explosion blew out multiple windows and glass flew everywhere. Evan stared in shock, along with his fellow soldiers, and his squad leader yelled,

"51st! 51st, come in!"

They heard no response and Evan knew they had all been killed instantly. His squad leader looked at them,

"We have to go to that building, gentlemen." One of the soldiers in his squad looked at him,

"What? Those men were just killed! I don't want to be next." Evan looked at him,

"So you want Grace and Lowery to be? I'm going in that building." He put his sniper rifle away and grabbed his AK-47 before their squad leader's phone rang. They all looked at him as he pulled the large phone off of his belt and extended the antenna,

"Officer Taylor." His eyebrow then raised,

"Ms. Lowery?" Evan immediately looked at him as Taylor asked,

"Ms. Lowery, where are you?"

"Put it on speaker phone, Taylor." He put the phone on speaker and Evan heard Grace for the first time since she had been taken. They could barely understand her through her sobs,

"Please, i'm still in here! They took my father and I know they're looking for me. Please hurry!" Taylor stood in shock and Evan cleared his throat,

"Grace, where are you?"

"Evan?" He felt a smile tug at his lips,

"Yeah, tell me where you are. We're coming to get you."

"I'm in a closet on the third floor."

"Which side? Do you see anything around you?"

"I saw the Browning building across the street. Please hurry, Evan, I don't know how much time I have left before they find me."

"Don't worry, alright? We're coming right now. Don't move from that spot; just stay there for as long as you can."

"Okay, i'll try."

Evan hung up the phone and his squad already had their weapons drawn.

Their squad leader led the way down the block to the Monroe building. Grace was on the back side of the building, so they went around to the back. Instead of using a Claymore, Evan shot the luck with a silencer and they made zero noise as they entered the building. Their defenses were high as they made their way to the stairs.

They walked up them carefully and they saw two Russian soldiers on the second floor. Evan used his silencer and shot them both before they heard a helicopter landing on the roof. The squad leader realized what was happening,

"Up the stairs men! We have to get to Ms. Lowery before they do."

They pounded up the stairs to the third floor, Evan taking them two at a time. When they reached the top, they heard Grace scream,

"No, please! Help me!"

Evan rushed across the room to see Grace being dragged by three Russian soldiers. He raised his gun and pointed it at them,

"Stop! United States Military!"

They stopped, but only to pull out guns of their own. Two of them pointed their guns to Evan, but the other one put his to Grace's head,

"Put your gun down or she dies."

He looked at Grace and their eyes met. Her eyes were full of fear and he put his gun on the ground. They all smiled and one of the men picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. They turned and began to run out on the rooftop towards the helicopter. She started screaming again and he ran after them. His squad leader yelled his name, but Evan ignored him.

Grace saw his coming and reached out to him with both hands. He pushed harder and ran faster and grabbed her hand. The two soldiers turned around and pointed their guns at him and their fingers were on the trigger, but his squad came out onto the roof and opened fire on the two of them. They instantly dropped to the ground and Grace screamed, letting go of his hand in the process.

The soldier that was holding her took advantage of it and threw Grace into the helicopter and climbed on board. They moved so quickly and the helicopter began to fly away as Evan ran after them. He saw Grace look out the window at him and saw tears streaming down her face. He ran to the edge of the roof as he watched the helicopter fly off. He cursed himself. Their mission had failed. He had failed.

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