And just when I thought my heart would break

The melody of loving promises, to shake

Light and clarity shone into the dark

And set my feelings, heart, and mind apart

He had been the past, my past, but no more

Would he haunt my future, should my heart endure

To stop seeing the pictures, and those words that wouldn't cease

Now fluttered away in the peaceful breeze

He was trouble, I was not

His life had been a mess; mine too, quite a lot

But seven years past, I finally let go

Of that one person that still sometimes troubled me so

He was better off; I no longer was the one that made him smile

Bittersweet nostalgic that set in for a while

I hated this new girl- but at the same time wanted to thank her

She made him hope, made him bright, to make me know that his past won't recur

One day I'd see him again, I know I will

3 years, and probably more that my heart might ache still

He's never been romantic, but his words I see written to her make me bay

"You make me a better person" is the things every girl wants to hear him say

I know it's true, and I'm selfish when I wish it were not true

Because I wish sometimes that I could make his face laughing instead of blue

Why is it this, that our hardest and most heart wrenching goodbyes

Turn into the most beautiful and soulful lullabies?

That the songs we replay over and over

Are probably because the voices we know make our hearts that sea rover?

The say the hardest thing to do

Apart from just plain old loving you

Is watching the one you've fallen for, love another one

Making each word and whisper feel like hell has just re-begun?

Sometimes, though, I disagree with said statement above

Is that if you truly feel, what she feels to him- true love

Then you know in your heart

That you are happy for them, and that time apart

Is bearable because he's in the right embrace

And any love of his, like I and the new girl, would give up for him time and space