a.n.:it's a story of mine..well hope that you like it..

so i met this girl..she is a sophomore while im a senior..i have a crush on her..so im chatting with her i even texting her..i though she feel the same way i feel..what im talking about is..i fell in love with her..she seems so excited when im chatting/texting with her..she even asking me if i already eat lunch or dinner..so i think she feel the same way too..but one hot day..one day..my friends let me look at what they feel about us..they said that she's just riding me..get it..she's not serious at me..well im the only one who's thinking that maybe she feel the same way too..but i was wrong..that day i was really hurt..i cry and cry..i don't know why im crying but i guess i was really hurt that time..so this is the message i want her to read

dear BAC,

i was so happy that i met you..thank you for making me feel that..but im over it..but don't worry i will never forget you..i will never forget how you make me feel that..don't feel bad..your not at fault..i am at fault..why do i have to feel that for you..my tears run dry and hope that we see each other sometimes..im sinking now..bye..T.T