A/N So this is pretty much a drabble, or you can say it's a really short one-shot. Hope you guys like it and make sure to review.

It was rather cold by the time the sun had set, but that was not what I was worried about. I hurried through the woods, hoping to get home before the moon came out, hoping to get home and lock the doors and close the curtains and avoid being the monster that today's full moon would cause me to be. I wanted to avoid it for just this month, just one more month.

As the world slowly darkened, my breathing quickened and my heart beat faster. Eventually, I tripped, over what I did not know. As I got up, I tensed, getting that strange feeling, the same one I always got when the moon, when it was a perfect circle in the sky, shone its pure white light on me. The next thing I did was the biggest mistake I could have made at the moment.

I looked at the moon, and as soon as I did, I forgot everything.

I howled. At first, it sounded like a human cry, but as the seconds passed, it transformed into a beastly wail. My body changed as well, and these drastic changes I was quite used to. My boned shifted, and I grew bigger, big enough to the point where I ripped apart the jeans and t-shirt I was wearing, though that didn't bother me. Fur sprouted all over my body, continuing until it was long and shaggy. My hands turned into massive paws, and a muzzle grew out of my normally human face, and from that came huge fangs.

When the transformation was complete, I was no longer human. Rather, I was an enormous beast with midnight fur and jaws that could easily snap bones in half. I could smell prey from miles away, and my hearing and sight were so keen that nothing could get past me.

I was the very creature people feared, the very monster that existed in old myths. I was the very being that you would be most scared meeting.

I was the big, bad wolf. And I was hungry.