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Guns n' Lilies

My eyes fluttered open as I heard a loud bang near my right ear. I looked around startled and saw a small gray room with a chair, a spotlight focused on my face, causing me to squint and a wall across from me that had chains on the walls for the hands and feet. I shuddered at the thought of being chained to a wall when I realized that I was chained as well. I screamed as I tried shaking my chains off my ankles or wrist but to no avail. I started to feel my face go red with my exertion and fear and I could also feel the tears start to well up in my eyes and start to stream down my face. I looked around for any sign of my friends but there seemed to be none.

"This is my fault" I exclaimed sadly. "What do I do? I'm all alone in a small fuckin dungeon and I have no recollection of how I got in here. One minute I was with my friends the next I was here…we were infiltrating this tower….where are they now?"I finished sobbing uncontrollability.

"They are safe and sound in their rooms." I hear a familiar deep voice call out.

I yelped at the sound of his voice entering the once quite room. "What do you want?" I asked harshly.

"Just a few moments of your time, tell me everything you have done since you got to this school! It is an investigation! I must find out what you and your friends know!" he finished angrily.

"Why?" I asked still harshly but with a tinge of fear in my voice.

"Because I need to know! And if you don't tell me I will be forced to harm your friends!" he said getting slightly impatient.

"No don't, please! Alright, I'll tell you….. it all started…the first day I attended my new school." I said defeating; I wouldn't let him hurt my friends! Not after all we have been through! Not today! Losing some of my secretes was fine price to pay for my friends safety. Though I fear that they won't be safe if he finds out what we know, but we would deal with that after we are free.

This is the story of how I came to be at Plum Blossom High School.

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