I took a deep shaky breath before I looked up and shook my head, "So, I'm a telekinetic as well as being an aura reader?"

Mr. Arashi looked at me for a moment before rubbing his chin with his thumb and pointer finger, "It appears so, I thought as such when I read your powers earlier, but I wanted to be sure."

"Read my power? AHHH! This is just too weird! Look, I don't know if I belong here, I meant I'm not trained and I'm obviously different. Maybe I should just call my mom so she can pick me up." I said in a rush.

Mr. Arashi came over to me and put his hand on my head again, "It's okay to be a little scared Lilly. All of this is very new to you. And while you may not be as well trained as some of our students are actually pretty good at controlling your powers for someone who is so untrained. Your aura reading seems to be at the level of the other aura readers in your class, it may even exceed some of them. As for your telekinesis, it seems that you have somehow suppressed it to the point where it isn't noticeable. The only reason I can think for that is that you had some sort of childhood trauma surrounding your telekinesis, so your mind suppressed it. But it is actually rather refined for going unused for so long. All we have to do is break your minds lock on your power and you will be able to use it more effectively."

"I don't want to…." I murmured.

"What? Oh Lilly, don't be scared it won't hurt one bit. We just have to sift through your memories a bit and then-" He began but I cut him off.

"I said no." I said firmly.

"But Lilly, I promise that you-"

"STOP IT! I don't want to! I just want to be normal! I don't want to be special! I just want you to take these powers away! I hate them!" I said tearing up.

"Lilly…I promise you that this school is different no one will judge you here."

"Yeah, that is what they all say…'Oh don't worry Lilly, things will be different here, you'll see.' Or "Oh Lilly, don't worry your pretty little head, everyone here will be really nice to you.' but it is always the same. Nothing is ever different." I said darkly as I stood up.

"Lilly…we are nice we promise! We will be nice to you!" Water Lilly said with a smile.

I looked at her and smiled. They had no idea what I'd been through, and they were just trying to help. I looked at everyone's auras and they were almost all blue indicating sadness. That is how it always started, they felt bad for me, but then…things always changed. They would figure out my power on way or another and then they would change, they would get angry, and they would avoid me. After that the teasing would start and pretty soon I would come home with bruises both inside and out. I would hide it from my mom but she would always find out. I hated how much trouble I put her through…I couldn't stand it. I just want to be normal so I could make friends and people would stop being mean to me so that my mom would stop worrying about me constantly. I knew that I shouldn't revel so much about myself so early but I was scared of them finding out about my past and how much I have been through.

I looked at her and smiled, "What are you talking about? I know you will be, most people are. I'm not worried, I was just scared of people looking around in my brain so I made stuff up." I lied with expert quality.

She looked suspicious but she quickly let it go, "Oh alright then, I get it! Yeah people looking around in your brain does sound scary but trust me, Mr. Arashi is really gentle it doesn't hurt a bit!" She said happily.

"Thank you Water Lilly. I'm alright now, Sorry for yelling at you Mr. Arashi." I said with a bow before walking back to my seat.

"It is alright Lilly, I understand. Hey Lilly…"


"Heads up!" he exclaimed as he threw the eraser as hard as he could towards me.

"Holy-! Ack!" I immediately held my hands up to catch it but before I could it stopped in mid air just as before, but this time it stopped for a second before flying back and hitting Mr. Arashi in the head.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry forgive me! I'm not so good at this whole thing yet and I'm so nervous being in a new school and all. I'm sorry that is no excuse! I'm so sorry forgive me, I'm horrible!" I stammered apologizing over and over again.

"Lilly….I can't believe it." he began.

"I'm sorry please spare me!" I pleaded.

"No..No That isn't it. I'm not mad, I'm shocked."

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, only people with very high control can repel object once they stop them."

"Wha-? So your saying?"

"That either you have extremely good control of your telekinesis which is unlikely or your telekinesis is very powerful and very unstable." He said.

"Wait, Mr. Arashi, your saying that Lilly's telekinesis is instable? Is that bad, I meant it won't hurt her will it?" I heard Chinatsu ask.

I looked at him and saw worry in his face and in his aura. I frowned; I couldn't understand why he cared. I understood that he was my friend but was that what friends did? I shrugged it off and turned back to the teacher.

"No, it isn't a danger to her per say, but it could become a danger to others, since it seems to be controlled by her emotions." He explained.

"What? Just like Water Lilly's empathy and how it affects her emotions?" Haru asked.

"No, because her emotions are affected by her power not the other way around." He explained.

"So your saying that if she get s mad she could hurt us?" a random kid asked.

"No! I would never do that!" I shouted fearfully.

"Calm down everyone, Lilly seems to be fine, if she hasn't hurt anyone yet then she probably won't hurt anyone at all." Mr. Arashi said calmly.

"Yeah! Lilly is too nice to get mad and hurt people. She faints if you just say boo!" Kikiu exclaimed.

"Yeah, What Kikiu said! Remember this morning when she was in front of the class? She practically fainted!" Aki laughed.

I frowned, "Well you scared me Aki." I pouted.

Kikiu frowned at Aki, "Hey Aki! Be nice, I'm the only one allowed to comment on her mousiness!"

Aki frowned and Kikiu laughed, I smiled and sat back at my seat.

"Anyway, now that we have gotten that out of the way, it is training time. Today I think it is…ah! Haru, it is your turn, come up here please." Mr. Arashi said while looking at some sort of schedule.

Haru got up and walked to the front of the room, he seemed completely calm and collected and his aura matched, though I could see a tinge of excitement wrapping around him.

"Alright Haru let's show everyone what you can do." Mr. Arashi handed him an old looking clock.

He blind folded Haru and then walked over to the board and wrote down the history of the clock. It was from World War one and it had belonged to a soldier who died in combat. They sent the clock back to his wife and children and it had been in the family ever since. The youngest grandchild had inherited it but ended up selling the clock at an auction for $150. Mr. Arashi had bought the clock a couple years back and it was now a decoration in his house.

I cocked my head to the side and wondered what the significance of the clock was and was about to ask when Haru started to speck, "Alright, let's see, it is old, that for sure, I'd say World War One? It has been through quite a few hands, the majority of them being related until recently. I think the original owner was a soldier, he went to war but…he never came back, this clock travel back on its own. It was given to the man's family and they kept it until recently. It was sold at some sort of store? No auction! That's what it is, so many yelling people…has to be an auction. Someone bought it…but I can't tell who but then he sold it to Mr. Arashi. Now he keeps it on his mantle, it is warm and cozy, lots of happy memories and sad ones in this clock."

I blinked in shock, "H-how did he do that?" I asked astonished.

"Good work Haru! You're getting better and better but I don't keep it on my mantle, I keep it on a table next to the fireplace. You were close though, just need to work on detailing." Mr. Arashi said as he took the blindfold off and took back the clock.

"Thank you Mr. Arashi, I have been practicing a lot lately." Haru stated as he went back to his seat.

"How did you do that Haru?" I asked surprised.

"Hm? Oh! Sorry, guess we should tell you what we have, power wise huh?" Haru said apologetically.

"I completely forgot! Woops, Sorry Lilly. I have empathy which lets me read people's emotions and what caused them, which is why I had my freak out moment earlier and why I got my ducky! I haven't learned how to separate my emotions from other people's yet." Water Lilly stated.

"Wha-? Really? Amazing!" I said astonished.

Kikiu laughed and Aki smiled, "That is nothing compared to my Telepathy!"

"Telepathy….isn't that reading minds?" I asked curiously.

"Yup! Better be careful what you think, I can hear it all!" Aki said proudly point to himself.

"Eek! Wha? No… don't poke around in my thoughts Aki!" I whined jokingly.

Kikiu laughed and playfully bonked Aki on the head, "Don't worry Aki can't use his Telepathy very well, he can only hear really strong thoughts." Kikiu reassured me, "Besides not even that can compare to my awesome power of Survival!"

"Survival? What is that?"

"Hm? Well, it is kinda hard to explain, basically I have an extremely strong will power that can help me tackle any challenge I come across!" Kikiu explained proudly.

"Wow! Cool!"

"Yup, Kikiu is pretty awesome but I'm an object reader, I think I have her beat." Haru taunted.

"You so don't!" Kikiu exclaimed.

I smiled and looked at Chinatsu who was being awfully quite, "Chinatsu, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He said with a hard edge to his voice.

I shrunk back and the others kinda quieted down as well. They all sat and Water Lilly looked really upset by something.

"Why are you so sad?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"I'm not! I said I was fine." He repeated, with the same hardness in his voice.

"But…Your sad….you're worried about something. You think that Lilly will think you're weird. You never like to use your power." Water Lilly said sadly and Haru quickly shushed her.

"Stop using your Empathy on me Water Lilly. I don't feel like sharing."

I looked at him in confusion. I was worried about him for some reason, he looked angry but his aura was a color that I had never seen before; it was a blueish gray with a touch of black in it. I frowned and tried to decipher what it meant. Blue meant sad, gray meant that he was hiding something and black expressed hatred or loss. He was sad about something that happened to him that he was hiding from us? I cocked my head and stared at him before I frowned and looked away sadly.

You're hiding something….what is making you so sad? Does it have to do with your power? Maybe….

I gasped and sat there for a moment, his eyes….and his power they had to be connected somehow….but how so? Is the reason his eyes are different colored part of his power? Or was I completely off? I stole another glace at him before he put his head down and shut out the world. He looked so sad, I just wanted to help but I figured that if he didn't want t tell me then he shouldn't have to.


I put my head down on my desk and tried to hold back tears. I hated lying to everyone but I didn't want to revel anything about my past or about my power. Both of those were touchy subjects for me. I moved my arm slightly so I could just barely see Lilly through a slight opening between my head and arms. She appeared to be upset by something but I couldn't tell what. She looked at me one more time before she looked away and began to rub her temples, as if she was thinking or she had a headache.

I would understand if she had a headache since she had used her Telekinesis quite a lot in a short period of time and if it had been dormant for a long time then it would be difficult for her mind to keep up with the kind of thinking and energy required to control that power and make it work. I was worried about her; she seemed really upset once Mr. Arashi mentioned looking through her memories to help her unlock her Telekinesis fully. She said that she wanted to be normal; I can't count how many times I have wished for the same exact thing. As if my eyes weren't bad enough, I have a weird ability that very few people have, even out of the ones that do have an extra mental capability. I sighed and buried my head back in my arms. All of a sudden I felt an all too familiar sensation go through my body before I went completely numb and passed out.

I was running in a dark area, I was calling out for someone, but I couldn't tell who it was. I looked around and saw that Kikiu and Aki were running with me to my left and to my right I saw Haru and Water Lilly running alongside me. They all looked terrified, I could tell we were rushing to save someone, and it was urgent but I had no idea who we were trying to save and from what we were saving them from. As we kept running I heard a noise and I turned around to look behind me and saw that a group of soldiers were chasing after us.

"Stop! Stop, you are not allowed down here!" they shouted.

I wanted to turn around and leave like they told me to but the others kept running forward towards an open door with a shadowy figure standing in the doorway. It was her! That was who we were looking so desperately for! She outstretched a hand to us but she didn't move from her spot as if she were frozen or chained to the floor.

She looked like she was saying something but no one hear her until it was too late, "Guys it's a trap!" I heard her voice warn just as the shot rang out and Haru stopped dead in his tracks, falling to the floor with a big hole in his chest surrounded by a red liquid.

Blood….He had been shot! Haru was going to die!

"HARU! NO!" Water Lilly shouted as she stopped to catch him, he fell in her arms lifeless and tears sprang to her eyes.

"No…" I whispered in disbelief.

"Guys! Get out of here leave before anyone else gets hurt please!" The girl shouted from her spot in the door way, I could see now that I was closer that she wasn't chained, as I had thought she had a gun pointed to her head and she was being held by a mental bind.

I turned and looked at Water Lilly she was crying over Haru's dead body, totally unaware of the soldiers surrounding her, "Water Lilly run!" I shouted but it was too late, they caught her and with one swift movement they snapped her neck. She cried out once before being silenced forever.

"NOOOOOO!" Kikiu screamed as she fell to her knees.

"Come on Kikiu get up come on!" Aki pleaded as he drug her to her feet.

"She's dead…they are dead! How are they gone that fast?" Kikiu asked in disbelief.

"Leave please I don't want you to die!" the girl shouted through tears.

I looked at her and I could see that she was struggling o help but couldn't, I know that feeling, I knew it all too well.


"NOOOOOOO KIKIU!" Aki shouted loudly followed by the thump of two bodies hitting the floor.

I turned and saw what I feared; Kikiu and Aki were lying lifeless on the floor. I screamed in terror and frustration. I had just lost everything in this world that mattered to me all because of this girl. I ran towards her but she screamed and out stretched her hands.

"NO! NO MORE! I will not back down! I will fight!" She shouted as she screamed loudly and the world blew away as if it were being pushed by some sort of huge force.

There were the screams of people being flung in all different direction and of metal smashing to bits against stone walls. And then there was silence and the world was calm.

I had been asleep for so long I hadn't even noticed when it was time to leave. All of a sudden I felt a pair of hands touch my back gently and a soft female voice rang out.

"Um, Chinatsu? Wake up, please, we have to go to our next class now." silence for a moment followed by the hands shaking me slightly and the voice becoming more urgent. "Come on Chinatsu! Please wake up!" the voice said more urgently.

"Guys he won't get up." The voice said worryingly.

I heard a couple other voices join hers but I couldn't tell what they were saying, "Chinatsu! I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude on your privacy earlier! I'm sorry." Another voice this one more childish but still female said sadly.

All of a sudden I felt one of the hands push my hair back and I sensed someone's face near mine, "Chinatsu-!" I instantly grabbed the hand, instinctively and violently looked at the owner of the hand as I gripped her wrist tightly.

I glared at her with my eyes narrowed before I realized I wasn't in my vision/dream anymore.

"I'm sorry…Chinatsu…I have no idea what I did to upset you…please forgive me." Lilly said through tears.

My eyes instantly widened and I let her go, "Oh my gosh! Lilly I'm so sorry I didn't mean to I promise you it was an accident! Forgive me please!" I pleaded as she took a step back from me in fear.

"It's alright there is no need for you to apologize I know that I must have angered you in some way to make you act like this and for that I am sorry for whatever I did." She said apologetically.

"What the hell Chinatsu!" Kikiu exclaimed angrily as she protectively wrapped Lilly in a hug.

"She was just making sure you were okay!" Aki added angrily as he glared at me, "Don't worry Lilly he didn't mean it, you just startled him." he turned and said to Lilly in a kind voice.

Haru came over to me with a concerned look on his face and pulled me aside, "You had another one didn't you? I can sense the fear you transferred to your desk." He asked me, clearly worried.

"I-Yeah I had another one…but this one was different, this one was had a different ending." I replied.

"Don't they all have different endings? Or at least that is what you told me." Haru asked in confusion.

"Yes but usually they only differ slightly, one thing always remains constant that didn't happen this time."

"What is that?"

"I die in every single one and every time it is by the same person but this time..." I trailed off.

"You were killed by someone else?" He asked slightly confused.

"No, I was saved, by…by…by."

"By who?"

"By a girl who looked exactly like Lilly." I said softly, not quite believing it myself.

I looked over to Lilly and I could see that she was no longer crying, in fact she seemed almost happy. She was fake yelling at Aki who was holding her books over her head, just out of her reach. She was jumping up and down trying to reach them, she huffed before pouting. She crossed her arms and puffed out her cheeks and dawned a pout lip.

"AWWWW! So cute! She's mine now!" Kikiu exclaimed as she hugged her around the neck and jumped up and down happily, causing Lilly to at first look shocked before she smiled and let out a small innocent laugh.

I looked away and down at the floor, I couldn't let what I knew was going to happen, happen to my friends. My horrible vision-nightmares had been right so far, I just hoped that they would be right about what was going to happen next.