The road had been deserted for miles, not another car or even a house anywhere.

"It's so boring out here!" cried Alex. She slid further down in the passenger seat and flipped her feet up onto the dashboard. Gwen smiled but didn't take her eyes from the empty road; there wasn't even any scenery to admire. The surrounding area looked like a dusty, sun-baked desert in every direction.

"Just a few more miles" she said. Alex groaned and sank deeper into her seat.

"You said that hours ago!"

"You wanted to come on this trip" snapped Gwen. Alex turned to look at her sister and decided to keep her mouth shut, Gwen's mood swings tended to be pretty severe. The car suddenly skidded to a halt when Gwen slammed her foot down on the brake; Alex braced herself on the dashboard with her legs and hung on for dear life.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" cried Alex. She sat up and peered through the windscreen at the woman standing in the middle of the road. She was tall and had flaming red hair that hung down her back, blue jeans and a white vest with blood splashed up the side. Gwen opened her door and jumped out, running towards the woman before Alex could stop her.

"Please! You have to help me! My tyre blew and I lost control of the car and it landed in a ditch! My baby is trapped in the back!" Alex was beside her sister in an instant as they dashed across the dried mud and over a small hill. Below them was a small ditch but the car was upside, they could hear a baby screaming from inside. Gwen sniffed the air and turned very pale.

"Petrol! Come on, we have to get the baby out!" Gwen slid down the bank and dropped to her stomach; she crawled through a broken window and gritted her teeth as the broken glass slashed through her shirt and into the flesh beneath. The baby was strapped into a car set and hanging upside from the backseat, Gwen flipped over onto her back and unbuckled the baby. He slid into her arms and Gwen jiggled back out again.

"Shit! Gwen, oh my God, look! You have to look!" screamed Alex. Gwen cooed to the baby as she struggled to her feet and hurried around to the driver's side where Alex was standing and trembling. She pointed into the car and Gwen bent over and peered inside. In the driver's seat was a woman, her arms were hanging beside her head as if she was being arrested. Long red hair flowed down and blood seeped through her white vest. She was dead.

"Holy shit" whispered Gwen. She grabbed Alex with her free hand and dragged her away from the car; the smell of petrol was getting stronger. They scrambled back up the small hill and just made it back to the car before the sound of an explosion set the baby to screaming again.

"She was on the road. We saw her, she was on the road" said Alex. They leaned against the car and stared at the smoke billowing upwards from behind the hill.

"We need to find a town. Just a few more miles" said Gwen. She handed the baby to Alex and they climbed back into the car and headed back onto the road.