Mordollwen Blackstone is the only female Elvin Warrior in the whole kingdom, she was also the best. Although, she did not trust people and was always asking questions. She had a wall around her heart and no one could penetrate it. She took her job with pride and would kill anyone who

Mordollwen was walking through the woods behind the royal palace. Her sword slung to her side and her cloak blew in the wind along with her bluish-gray hair.

Mordollwen stopped walking when she heard a stick break from behind. She turned around, hand on her sword. She then felt something behind her, she turned around, pointing her sword at the mans throat. "On your daily patrol I see," the man said with a smile. "Mind if I join you?"

"A matter of fact," Mordollwen said, pointing her sword closer to his throat, "I do mind. Now leave! Before I report you to the guards for coming onto these grounds!"

The man laughed. "Alright, I'll leave. Only if you let me buy you a drink at the Tavern first."

Mordollwen put her sword down and looked at the man. "How about you leave before I kill you?" Mordollwen said, giving a devilish smile.

"I don't think you're that strong, Madam."

Mordollwen put her sword back into her sheath and said, "Oh, really? And who are you?"

"Captain Alden Currington of the Royal Army," the man said, bowing, "it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

Mordollwen didn't say anything. "You really have no idea who I am, do you?" she said, laughing.

"Of course I don't!" Captain Alden said, bluntly. "I've only just met you!"

Mordollwen started laughing even harder. This man was a complete airhead and it seemed he didn't even know who she was even though she's in his platoon.

Mordollwen felt a hand around her waist, that was when she stopped laughing. Mordollwen opened her eyes and found herself inches away from Captain Alden's face. "But," he said, with a smile, "I would love to know who this beautiful maiden is."

"Oh? You want to know who I am?" Mordollwen said, grinning. "Sorry, but you don't deserve to know."

Mordollwen pushed herself away from Captain Alden. "Then how about we make a bet?" he said, grinning. Mordollwen was now interested in what he was going to say. "If I beat you in a fight, you give me your name and become mine. If you win I'll let you do whatever you want and I won't touch you again."

Mordollwen smiled and said, "Alright, but don't be mad at me once you've been defeated, Captain..."

Mordollwen and Captain Alden were standing a few feet from each other, in the arena, surrounded by soldiers. All of them talking to each other.

"Hey," one soldier said, "isn't that Mordollwen Blackstone, the most beautiful Elvin warrior in the kingdom?"

"Yeah," the second said. "She's the best female warrior here. I wonder why the Captain decided to fight her."

"He probable started flirting with her… Mordollwen really dislikes it."

The arena then went silent when Mordollwen took a step. "Are you sure you want to do this, Captain?" she said, pulling out her sword.

After Mordollwen's third step, she charged. She swung her sword but missed the Captain by an inch. "Wow…" he said, walking behind Mordollwen. "You're fast. Faster then any other person I've fought before."

Mordollwen tried hitting him again, but she missed. "Will you stop aiming for my face?" he said, squatting to the ground.

Mordollwen smiled and kneed him in the face which sent him to the ground. "Nope, sorry."

The Captain jumped to his feet. He then pulled out his sword and pointed it at Mordollwen. "No more going easy."

"You were going easy? Oh, I thought you were just getting your butt kicked."

Mordollwen charged and swung, but ended up making contact with his sword. Mordollwen backed away and kept swinging, but only managed to hit his sword every time.

Mordollwen stopped for a moment, but she fell to the ground after getting tripped by Alden. He pointed his sword at her and said, "Fight's over."

Mordollwen sat up and got an idea. "Really?" she said, trying to seduce him. "Tripping a maiden to the ground isn't very nice…" She then looked up at Captain Alden, her eyes shining in the sun.

Captain Alden's face was turning red. He thought Mordollwen was very beautiful, he just didn't know what to do next.

Mordollwen had her chance and she took it. "Game Over…" she said, tripping Captain Alden and making him come to the ground. Next thing Alden knew, she was sitting on top of him, her chest to his and her face near his. "I win, Captain."

"Smart trick," he said smiling. "Yes, you win, But I do still want to know your name."

Mordollwen pulled a few inches away. "Mordollwen Blackstone," she said, smiling. "Now, Captain Alden… You're-"

"Actually," he said, sitting up, but with Mordollwen still on top of him, "I don't think I can just let you go like that, Madam Blackstone."

Mordollwen stood up, her anger building up inside her. "But you said!"

Captain Alden got up from the ground. "I know what I said," he said, grabbing Mordollwen around the waist and pulling her close. "But, you're interesting, so I'm not going to let you go easily." He then kissed Mordollwen on the cheek and walked away.

When he was in a good distance, Mordollwen said to herself, her face turning red, "I hate that man."